There seems to be three different camps when evaluating what the New York Giants need in the 2014 NFL Draft.

1. Tight End – someone explosive that can block

2. Defensive End – If JPP doesn’t return to form it could be along year for Prince and DRC

3. Offensive Tackle – Beatty clearly isn’t the guy, so he needs to be moved over or inside.   The position is vital in helping Eli rebound.

If the Giants draft one of the two premier tackles(Lewan or Martin), no one will complain. While it might not be a sexy pick…who cares.  Securing Eli Manning’s back side is something that would put everyone at ease, especially after watching Will Beatty get over paid and over run in 2013.  

If a tackle gets his named called on day one…training camp instantly becomes full of drama from the big boys.  Possible a position battle between Snee and Schwartz. 

So that leaves a Defensive End or a Tight End.  This is an interesting debate.  Osi is gone, Tuck is gone and who really knows if JPP can perform at a high level.   At this stage of Kiwi’s career he is on the down swing and Ayers from Denver is not play maker, especially in the NFC East.

The 2014 NFL draft class for defensive ends is thin…very thin.   The top players at the position are Kony Ealy, Dee Ford, Stephon Tuitt, Scott Crichton and Trent Murphy. Outside of Jadeveon Clowney, these other athletes are all panning out to be third round and fourth round selections with a low ceiling.

That leaves the position with the most dynamic players: Tight End.  Ebron, Seferian-Jenkins and Amaro could all be first day selections.  Depending on what new Offensive Coordinator, Ben McAdoo wants to do in his new attacking style offensive, all three players can make an instant impact. Lets hope McAdoo has the weapons to turn Eli back into…Eli.

The Giants could also play it safe with a Tight End and take Niklas or Fiedorowicz in the second round.   These Tight Ends will block their way to a pro bowl, but don’t expect a dynamic down field threat…leaving the wild card: Wide Receiver Mike Evans 

 Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor