Tiki Barber would be a great advisor for Andre Williams

If you’ve been a Giants fan for more than 15 minutes, you can admit you love the run game.  The Giants have pounded the ball for decades.

  1. Joe Morris – quick, low to ground & patient
  2. Rodney Hampton – slashing style back with power & patience
  3. OJ Anderson – bruising style back that could burst as well as slow the game down
  4. Tiki Barber – fast, great field vision, tough and amazing anticipation
  5. Brandon Jacobs – very fast for big man, tough and waited for blocks
  6. Derrick Ward – Smooth, deceptively quick and agile.  Patient.
  7. Ahmad Bradshaw – strong, elusive runner with a burst, stop on dime, 

Do you see a common theme here?  Patience is the key.  While the offensive line is coming along nicely in the passing game, the running game still needs work.  However, if someone could teach Andre Williams the art of patience, he could be deadly.  

In comes Tiki Barber:  Love him, hate him…who cares.   No one in Giants history had more patience than Tiki Barber.  Barber had a knack of getting small, waiting for the hole to open and bursting through.  Why not let him work with Williams as  special advisor.

Williams has the making of a stud back.

He’s compact like a bowling ball, he is tough and possess good speed.  What he lacks is the ability to let the game slow down.  So, as the line figures it out…let Barber bring his expertise to the table.  I bet he can make a difference.

by Shane Sharkey | Contributor