by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Yesterday the Giants lost its final game of 2019. Today, as expected the Head coach was fired.


This team has talent.

Not enough talent to make the playoffs, so how do they get there? Some fans will hate on guys from college programs they don’t like. “That guy was the softest corner in the SCC”. Some fans will drill down on analytics to the point were the only player that is good enough is George Kittle or Patrick Mahomes. The players on this team can play, however, even though they might not be “the best” at what they do, they can make plays and as a TEAM…they could win.

The coaches simply didn’t construct the right scheme, the right motivation, and the right focus to win games. When players are confused….you lose. When players aren’t willing to lay it all out on the field (Bethea, Jenkins, Tate), you lose games.

This franchise needs to find the fire and bring back the mentality which is New York Giants football.

  • Playmakers that make a difference: Barkley and Jones
  • Players that make a difference IF healthy: Engram, Connelly, Peppers
  • Players that will thrive with the right coach: Shepard, Zeitler, M. Golden, Lawrence, Baker, Ximines, Carter, Hernandez, K. Smith, Slayton, Tomlinson, Hill
  • Players that can contribute to the team with coaching: McIntosh, Love, Beal, Gates, Latimer.

What is missing from the roster:

  • FIRE – Players who love to compete. Players who love the game. Shockey loved the game. Tuck loved the game. Diehl loved the game. Strahan loved the game. O’Hara loved the game. Pierce loved the game. Rolle loved the game. Toomer loved the game. Cruz loved the game. Blackburn loved the game. Jacobs loved the game.
  • INSTINCT – players that can make interceptions because they have a great instinct when to jump a route. Players that sniff out plays because of film study and have a nose for the ball. Players willing to strip the ball, cause a fumble or make a great open-field tackle with technique. Not Athletes…football players.
  • PASS RUSH – No more Round peg/Square Hole. This team doesn’t have FOUR linebackers that make a difference. Stop the madness of a 3/4 hybrid, or rushing two down lineman. It’s crap. Sign a coach who believes in a pass rush, has a high defensive IQ. Sign players who want to rush the passer. Build incentives for sacks, tackles, strips (see Golden).
  • FINISHERS – The New York Giants stopped winning they stopped caring about tackles and sacks (protecting the QB too). PRESSURES do not win football games. Yes, they impact the game, but there is a difference. Without players who can finish…your team just hangs around and eventually losses. Markus Golden can not do it by himself. The last seven years have been with guys who pressure…not finish. Proof: Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, Cofield, Tollefson, Robbins, JPP and Strahan all on the same teams. Result: Two Super Bowl Championships.

Sign Players With Fire, Have Instinct and…Who Finish.