Posted by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

The critics and analysts now are crowing about the play of NY Giants left tackle Will Beatty. How last year the Giants blind side tackle was feeling the pressure of playing under his new multi, multi, million dollar contract.

Lets be honest…the only thing different about Will Beatty is the new stud guard playing next to him.  Weston Richburg maybe just a rookie but he is good, real good.   His great play on the interior line has allowed Beatty to shine and concentrate on not getting beat to the outside.

Richburg a 2nd round draft pick from Colorado State might be raw; but the kid can play. If there is any kind of pressure on the over paid left tackle from the inside…Richburg is there.  While it’s too early to tell, Richburg is starting to remind me of the recently retired Chris Snee.  Both guards are 6′ 3″ and are only 10 pounds different in weight.

Go back and look at the great performance from Giants running back Rashad Jennings against the Houston Texans and you will see that Jennings ran between the guards for over 80% of his carriers. Richburg handling the great JJ Watt.

Maybe Beatty should think about buying Richburg an extra-large steak at dinner next week after Eli Manning’s offense faces former Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Not that Osi ever took an inside path to the quarterback, but if he tried, the rookie guard would be there to help out the seven million dollar a year left tackle.