NY Giants Put Nicks Back In Blue

By Andrew Santoro | NY Giants Rush Contributor

Hakeem Nicks is back in blue.   As of yesterday Nicks resigned with the New York Giants, taking the roster spot from the Victor Cruz who is being moved to season-ending IR do to a nagging calf that will require surgery.

So, the question that requires some thought is which Hakeem Nicks will show up for the remainder of the season. Will it be the 2011 Super Bowl champion Hakeem Nicks? Known for his long stride and abnormally large hands, capable of beating the best of DB’s.

Or will it be post-injury 2013 Hakeem Nicks?  Who was more known for his drops, and lack of ability to get good separation.  His last year with the team he had lost all confidence in himself and displayed a very negative and beaten demeanor.  This would lead to the Giants not resigning the wide receiver the following year. 

After parting ways with the Giants, Nicks found a “prove it” one year contract with the Indianapolis Colts. Things would not pan out for the veteran receiver even though the offense was led by a young Andrew Luck.  Nicks would only record 38 receptions 405 yards with 4 TD.  This was a far cry from his best year in 2011 as a New York Giant.  In 2011 Nicks ripped off 1192 yards on 76 receptions, along with 7 touchdowns, 17 plays of 20 or more yards, 5 plays of 40 or more yards and 54 first downs.

What does he have left in the tank?  This past season Nicks has spent most of his time working out and trying to resign with an NFL team; however, he does seem to be in-game shape, even though he is on the down-swing of his short career.

Perhaps this stand with the Giants will get the seven-year pro back on track.  The spotlight will clearly be off Nicks, as he will not be the number one or number two receiver.  It is safe to say Nicks will be fighting White for playing time, penciled in at No. 4.  

He will now be playing in the shadows of Odell Beckham Jr.which could have a positive impact on the former No. 1 pick…if he has an open mind.  Due to the fact that Odell Beckham Jr. draws so much double coverage, this could leave Hakeem Nicks wide open on the other side of the field.

With Nicks being lower on the depth chart it would be smart to assume he will not see as many targets, so he will need to take advantage of every pass Manning throws his way. This could be his final shot to prove that he can still play in the National Football League…and for Giants fans…I hope he succeeds.