NY Giants Pre-Season Update: Verizon streams the NFL to your phone

The Giants and The Jets preseason recap by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

Last Saturday night the Giants took the field against the Jets for the third pre-season game of the young 2015 season.  The game for Giants fans was not the highlight of the evening.

I was also fortunate to be invited to the Verizon suite at Metlife Stadium to check out the speed of the 4G LTE connected network and to hear more about the new Verizon app that allows you to stream NFL games to your smart phone.

Seriously!  Stream the game, any game…to your phone when you’re a Verizon customer.   Sunday afternoon games, Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football, in addition to the NFL Network are now available on your smart phone.  

Yes, Verizon did it again and it sure made watching the Giants get dismantled by the Jets that much easier.  I was also granted access to a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet to tweet out updates during the game and what happened was amazing.   I was twice as efficient in pointing out how bad the Giants looked.

Beside the one 84 yard drive that was aided by the Jets defensive penalties, the team looked lackluster and amateurish.  I was hoping that the Ben McAdoo Offense 2.0 would be more dynamic in year #2, but it never came.

The offensive line does need work as a group; however, there is another issue.  Who is taking the 1st team snaps at wide receiver and why is it painfully obvious they were not a factor vs. the Jets.  

The drop off in talent after Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle reared its ugly head as the wide receiver unit failed to get any separation against the Jets.  Dwayne Harris looked pedestrian and Preston Parker, Larry Donnell and Corey Washington were invisible.

You want to break down the interception?  

Bad communication or bad pass…it’s hard to tell.  Either the 10 year veteran, who happens to be a 2x Super Bowl MVP threw another bad pass or James Jones who has been in Giants camp for 30 days stopped the route short.  Eli clearly threw the ball inside where Jones might have had to continue the route.  

With the help of Verizon you don’t have to miss any of the NFL action anymore including an Eli Manning touchdown to Odell Beckham Jr.  Just be a Verizon customer and down load the app.  You’ll be watching football on your smartphone this weekend! #WhyNotWednesday.