NY Giants: A fans struggle with Pre-season

by Shane Sharkey | Contributor

Boy do I hate the pre-season.  

The NFL pre-season is enough torture to give anyone a split personality. 

On one hand…you’re dying to see a glimpse of what your team is going to look like that upcoming season.   And on the other hand…you just want pre-season to be over because all your starters are injured and being carted off the field.

Hence my comment…pre-season sucks.   The starters never play and believe me that’s okay; however, the backups, the free agents and the draft picks, well…they drop likes flies year in and year out.

I’m not looking for Eli and Beckham to light it up, but I am looking for Dwayne Harris to show me why the New York Giants gave him a boat load of money.  Or how about Double O?   Wouldn’t it be a big confidence boost to see this guy run with the starters for half the game. 

The entire month of August I am crossing my fingers that no one gets hurt to the point they miss regular season games.  Is everyone really that against cutting out one pre-season game and one week of practice?  I don’t like the new CBA purely because these players don’t hit in practice anymore and when it’s time for a game…the training room fills up at Metlife Stadium.

I always remember Michael Strahan saying that working out and practicing are one thing, but “game shape” is entirely different.  There is no substitute for getting hit or dropping a shoulder on someone. 

Ugh!  Back to Jekyll and Hide thing…I don’t know what I want to see.

I don’t recognize half the names that are on the field as I watch the Giants play and I realize that 35 of these guys won’t make it out camp.  To make matters worse, it sucks to know that all those players are about to get their dreams squashed.  It must be one of the worst times of year for Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin.

Damn…pre-season sucks especially for a football fanatic with split personalities.