The New York Giants offense has a chance to be one of the top scoring offenses in the league.

Quarterback Eli Manning has his choice of top flight play makers throughout the offense.  Wide receiver, Louis Murphy was signed as a free agent this off season to contribute to a dynamic receiving core that already consists of Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and Reuben Randle.

However, where the hype may lie with the top three receivers, it’s the newest receiver in Murphy that brings an element that has been missing for quite some time…the deep ball.

As fans we saw glimpses of this when Mario Manningham was here.  Murphy could be missing element that Eli has needed in his arsenal of WR’s that the team has tried to fill from Jamaar Taylor to  Sinorice Moss, and Manningham to Jerell Jerningan.  Enclosed is a description of Giants General Manager Jerry Reese’s discussing the  4th year wide out and what they saw of him on tape.

“He will add another dimension to our offense,” Reese said on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“We have a scout named Jeremiah Davis and he talks about guys being a knife. This guy is a knife. This guy can take the top off your defense.” That element that Reese talks about is so important to our offense. We know Kevin Gilbride loves big plays.

Louis Murphy is going to be respected by opposing team’s secondaries and with his ability to stretch the field, that will open opportunities for the explosive David Wilson out of the backfield, Cruz’s ability as a slot receiver, Nicks as a traditional X receiver that can run designed routes to hold the free safety, thus creating tremendous opportunities for big plays down the field.

The former Florida Gator kicks off the preseason penciled in as the No. 4 wide receiver where he sits on the pecking order of receivers is irrelevant to how he is used in New York Giants offense. Figure to see Murphy lined up outside and it’s a safe bet that if he shows he can be relied upon, Manning will look his way early and often.

Former Giants receiver Domenik Hixon and Murphy switched teams, however, one will see over time Murphy is not the complete receiver Hixon was for the Giants; however, he is young enough to grow with this high powered offense.

Hixon stepped up in so many roles and positions during his time with the team.  Murphy in my opinion will be more of a specialist and look to provide that deep speed that the team has been missing.

Marco Imperati | Featured Columnist

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