The NY Giants Hynocerous to be Extinct in 2014

The dance may be the greatest touchdown dance in NY Giants history, but John Conner may be the greatest pure fullback in East Rutherford since Maurice Carthon. A two-time HBO Hard Knocks superstar (Jets and Bengals), Conner has suffered the fate of the last minute cut multiple times, despite knocking opponents on their keister at an incredibly consistent rate.

Why hasn’t Conner stuck to a team for more than a season?

NFL teams value a versatile fullback that can also catch passes out of the backfield, which Hynoski has proven he can do.  But when you have a receiving corp as talented as Cruz, Nicks and Randal, and a running game as suspect as the Giants have had this year, the fullback focus should be on a player guaranteed to take out an opposing linebacker, defensive back or even lineman on every run play.

Conner has also been part of the surging Giants running game over the last few weeks. Brown, Hillis and Jacobs have ripped off 750 yards since the end of September.

So as much as we loved you Hyno, John “The Terminator” Conner looks to be the man for the job in 2014.

Andy Pritikin