Every one is looking for an answer why the high powered offense of the New York Giants has fizzled out.  Look no further than Chase Blackburn.

How about lazy and ignorant coaching.

It’s hard for Eli Manning and the Giants offensive to make plays, when the defense knows everything you doing.  Statements are now public that former Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn in his first NFL start as a Panther knew the audibles of Eli Manning.

“He knew all of the plays.  He knew what they were doing” – Luke Kuechly Panthers middle linebacker.

How is that possible that Giants Offensive Coordinator was lazy or arrogant enough not to change the audible calls?   Which can lead you to ask how unimaginative this coach must be.  With the talent of Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Ruben Randle, Louis Murphy and David Wilson this team should be able to fly and create mismatches in space.

For almost ten years the coaching staff and Eli Manning have been together.   They should be able to fire on all cylinders purely on experience.

And what does this says about Chase Blackburn?  This is a guy for some reason people just want to dismiss.  Blackburn’s former and new teammates say he is the most competitive guy in the locker room.

Don’t believe me then listen the NFL’s top middle linebacker had to say about the former Giants linebacker.

Blackburn would regularly decipher Manning’s audible calls during the game and alert his teammates to the new plays calls.”  

Chase Blackburn is a lunch pale type of football player.  He comes to work and gives you everything he’s got.  He has no time for drama or off the field distractions. Whether you like the player or not he could have contributed to the New York Giants.

He also has a unique skill set which make him very valuable.  The former Giants linebacker can play the Weak side, the Strong side and the Inside linebacker position.   He also calls the defense and puts guys in the right position to make plays.

He also hit guys, which is something this team lacks.  Williams and Herzlich are good for arm tackles and getting pushed around by guards and tight ends, but they don’t actually hit players, making tackles for a loss.  While Blackburn’s best ball is behind him, he always made the play in front of him.

You can’t say that about the linebacker corps that takes the field for the Giants currently.   Blackburn isn’t a difference maker but he doesn’t let a defense bleed out to the tune of 38 points.  Shaving Beatty’s or Baas bloated contract could have easily kept Blackburn in blue.

He also could have been a great special teams player and mentor for Spencer Paysinger who happens to be the only linebacker that can tackle.

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor NY Giants Rush