By Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

Uninspired football.

How else do you describe what is happening to the New York Giants.  While there are 8 games still left to play it is apparent that this is much more “broken” than anyone expected.  Where do the Giants go from here?

Let’s be honest…Perry Fewell is not the guy in 2014. We could make the argument that he hasn’t been the guy since 2012. Make a mental note to start the campaign to bring back Steve Spagnuolo now.

Ben McAdoo might need to redefine “high impact”, or “able to think” or “committed to discipline”, or “explosive”…because the Giants are none of these things. The offensive is down right miserable. How does Preston Parker drop 2 balls…and McAdoo throws it to him 2 more times and preceeds to drops those! For those of you counting, that is 4 drops.

I am assuming McAdoo left his play book in Wisconsin because the Aaron Rodgers offensive is not this one-dimensional.

This morning I was asked by a friend of mine how many players do the Giants bring back in 2015?  Don’t lobby for JPP or Rueben Randle because they don’t make the party a playoff team.

I came up with 18 players.  18 players on this roster that are in the right price range, in the right age range, that have true value.  That list is as follows:  Manning, OBJ, Richburg, R. Jennings, A. Williams, Pugh, Donnell, Cruz, Washington, D. Moore, McClain, Dennard, Hankins, Bromley, Prince, Rolle, Bowman, Weatherford.

Wildcard: W. Thurmond & C. Jenkins

After sitting at MetLife for 4 hours and committing to the 4 hour round trip to the stadium I came to this conclusion at 2:30am when I arrived at home.

If you can’t get a full team effort…It is time for change.