The NY Giants Fall Again, this time to the Denver Broncos.   It has been a rough, turn over riddled start to 2013.

In 2007 the New York Giants went 0-2 and went on to win the Super Bowl…this is what people keep telling me.  That was a different team with different tight ends, different lineman and very different running backs.

While we wait for something good to happen here is your “Rant & Rave” for week 2.

Rant:  It must be very cushy job playing football for the Raiders in today’s NFL because Brandon Myers is soft.  He can’t block, he doesn’t run over anyone and to everyone’s surprise…he can’t run in the open field with NO defenders around him.  

Rave: Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks look great.  Each receiver made a handle of huge catches and run after the catch.   The two receivers combined have 433 yards/3 TDS/ 22 receptions.

Rant: The offense is completely 1 dimensional.  The NY Giants have no running game and as much as I would like to say this reminds me of the 2007, that squad had Jacobs, Derrick Ward and a young fiery Amhad Bradshaw. They could all block and run.  The Giants have less than 60 yards rushing in two games.

Rave:  The pressure up the middle has been much improved.  Paterson, Jenkins, Jospeh and Rodgers have been a breath of fresh air.  The big boys are doing there job and this unit is by far the Giants best to date on the defense.

Rant: The offensive line has been terrible. Will Beatty is gravely overpaid and under performing, with less  money the Giants might have signed a Bradshaw or  Blackburn.   David Baas might be the worst of the group. It is very evident why the San Francisco 49ers gave up on the guy.   There are no holes for Wilson and he was hit in the backfield at least four times.

Rave: Josh Brown can kick.  He has made a 61 yard kick in high school.  A 51 yarder in the Aloma Bowl, and a 60 yard kick in an NFL pre-season  game.  At one time, Brown was the highest paid kicker in the league.  I am not sure why the Bengals or the Jets let him go; however the Seahawks and Rams held on to him for the earlier part of his career.

Rant: Linebackers. Linebackers. Linebackers…the Giants have no linebackers.   Knowshon Moreno is an avaerge back who ran for 93 yards on 13 carrries against the NY Giants Defense.  That is 7 yards a carry.  Most of his carries were off tackle and his two largest runs were stretch plays that he wrapped the corner and found NO resistance.  Herzlich can not scrape and get off blocks.  Kieth Rivers is no where to be found and Willaims is a tweener that doesn’t hit anyone. 


The Giants were lucky to find “lightening in a bottle” with Chase Blackburn.  He was not an elite athlete, but he played hard, knew the strong, weak and inside linebacker spot.  He called the defense and he was under appreciated.  The Giants brass have failed this team by putting inadequate talent on the field.  Connor was a journeyman and Herzlich is a special teams player.

Jerry Reese:

While the philopsphy might be “plug and play” at the linebacker spot, it is now glaring that Jerry Reese has made a few costly errors. 

While the philopsphy might be “plug and play” at the running back spot, it is now glaring that Jerry Reese has made a few costly errors. 

ie: Bradshaw, Boley, Blackburn, Ballard, Bennett…he must not like the letter “B”.

  • The coaching staff has also been neglected.  Either “Killdrive” has abandondoned the run game or the offensive line has. 
  • Fewell seems to be sitting on his hands.   There has been no safety/corner blitzes, no Nascar, no Damontre Moore, no pressure from the outside.  The NY Giants Defense is flat and does not scare anyone.  Where is the pressure?  Where is the adjustments?

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor NY Giants Rush