There is something definitely wrong with the New York Giants.

Where is the emotion, the leadership…the pride?   This team reminds me of the 2004 to 2006 New York Giants…a team in disarray.  Where are the play makers.

How does this team go from “so good” to “so bad” so fast?

The game plan stinks: How a team could rely on four critically injured players to make an impact in 2013.  ie: Hynoski, Thomas, JPP and Chris Snee.

Execution: At half time the New York Giants have 18 yards of offense with 1 passing yard!  There has been 6 sacks and a missed field goal.   Greg Olsen is open every play and once again there is no pass rush.  The New York Giants might be shooting for an average season; however, even if they want to achieve at 8 & 8…there needs to be change.

The players are going through the motions and change is necessary now to salvage this season.   We know Carolina is not that good, but we didn’t know how bad this rosters for the New York Giants actually was.

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor NY Giants Rush