Game 1 against the Dallas Cowboys was a major disappointment.   Don’t panic…this ride just started.

If you look at the most recent battles when the Giants play the Cowboys, Tony Romo almost always out duels and out plays Eli Manning.   Romo’s performance was nothing new, the guy can play.

He moves around the pocket and has a very quick release.  He makes plays outside the pocket and he is very accurate.   So why do the Giants always seem to win? (outside Wednesday)  Over the past four seasons, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have lacked wide receivers, running backs, corner backs and linebackers.

Over the last two years the Cowboys have restocked with some major talent; however, but the Super Bowl Champs will not panic.

So what happened you ask?

Two of the Giants star players had a mental breakdowns.  Corey Webster had one of the worse games of his career with only two tackles, 1 dropped interception and he gave up two touchdowns.

Victor Cruz dropped 4 balls and had 2 penalties…then throw in rookie running back David Wilson who dropped the rock on the turf and you can see why the New York Giants lost.

Want more…A mental lapse from Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride at the goal line and the fact the Giants don’t jam off the line against Dez  Bryant might also put you in the loss column.   At the end of the day, players need practice and the new CBA has turned training camp and practice into a county club.

But no need to panic…this ride just started.

– written by Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor/Lead Writer