By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

As expected, the New York Giants franchised tagged DL Leonard Williams to allow them more time to work on their cap space. The franchise tag on Williams is at $19.35M and the both sides have until July 15 to work out a deal. In the meantime, the Giants currently have roughly $11.3M of cap space with free agency soon approaching (March 17). Aside from household names being available, the Giants still need to make a decision on DL Dalvin Tomlinson, who had his best year (production wise) in 2020. Let’s breakdown possible options for the Giants to add more cap space:

  • Restructure contracts of Blake Martinez/James Bradberry & Sterling Shepard: This is in conjunction that all three will be willing to agree to this, for argument sake if they do it will add roughly $6.5M to the cap space.
  • Make a decision on Kevin Zeitler: Zeitler has the most value in terms of cap relief as he would give the Giants an additional $12M and only add $2.5M in dead money if they can either trade him or possibly cut him before March 17.
  • Nate Solder dilemma: The Giants could really use the $6M of cap space if they cut Solder now. However; that move would absorb $10.5M in dead money. The plan should be to add cap space with other options and wait until June 1st to cut Solder; which would reverse the numbers to $10.5M in cap savings and $6M in dead money. This savings could be utilize for the draft picks (roughly $6.5-8M) and the remainder added to the cap to help fill out the roster.
  • Minor moves for added cap relief: The Giants can still trim the roster for added savings with minor cuts to players such as: Riley Dixon, Isaac Yiadom and Elijhaa Penny, to name a few. These moves would add $5.8M to the cap and only $250K in dead money.  

Aside from Solder’s savings, the other moves would generate $24.3M added onto the $11.3M currently available. This would give the Giants roughly $35.6M heading into free agency next week. Again, keep in mind that the Giants need to account for William’s share; which could be less in year one and the remaining years of the deal being back loaded. So will Dave Gettleman use most of that $35.6M to sign a much needed Wide Receiver such as Kenny Golladay; which would eat up a majority of the cap space; or will be go one tier lower and possibly sign a Corey Davis who would cost roughly half. Or maybe he adds a solid defensive player or brings back Tomlinson and uses the draft to add talent on offense. Another option could be waiting it out as many teams are going to cut players who are still highly productive and if so, the Giants could go bargain hunting and find value well below cost. Stay tune Giant fans as the clock is ticking.