New York Giants: Time for Giants to trade Ryan Nassib

In the 2013 NFL draft, GM Jerry Reese selected QB Ryan Nassib out of Syracuse in the 4th round. At the time, Nassib was projected as a late 1st to early 2nd round selection. So when Reese made this bold move, it was met with mixed emotions. Many felt that it was a waste pick as Eli Manning was cemented in as the Giants starting QB for many years to come. While others viewed the pick as a steal for the Giants and as insurance in case the Giants couldn’t extend Manning’s contract. Since then Nassib has only played in 5 games in 3 seasons (9/10 128 yards with 1 TD).

Has Nassib shown enough for a team to be interested in making a deal with the Giants? If so, then what could the Giants realistically get for him? These are major questions that GM Reese needs to consider if he is looking to trade Nassib. Currently, the Giants are carrying 3 QB’s on the roster (Manning, Nassib and Thomas).

With Manning’s last contract extension (years at $101.5M) it would appear that Nassib would be only a backup QB on their roster. Although Nassib has only played sparingly, he has improved enough to warrant serious interest from other teams when he hits free agency. This is not to say that Nassib is the next Brock Osweiler and would command a similar contract. However; Nassib does have the ingredients to be a solid NFL starting QB, very comparable to Tyrod Taylor in Buffalo, Josh McCown in Cleveland, Mark Sanchez in Denver, Blaine Gabbert in San Francisco and Casey Keenum in Los Angelos.

Over the last 5 seasons, Nassib’s has had the luxury of watching and learning under Eli Manning; which has given him the knowledge to succeed as a starting QB to go along with his physical ability.  This is a very pivotal time for not only Ryan Nassib, but also for GM Jerry Reese and the Giants organization to decide what should be the best course of action regarding Nassib.

It would seem foolish to let Nassib sit the bench all season, only to leave for another team without compensation worthy of his talent level. There are several teams that could consider Nassib worthy of a trade or even wait until he hits free agency. Either way, it will be the Giants decision on the fate of Nassib moving forward. My vote would be to trade him before he hits free agency and hopefully get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him.