New York Giants: Should Reese Trade out of the 1st Round?

By Michael Stewart (@golferbad)

The New York Giants are sitting at #23 in the 1st round of the 2017 draft. Many football analysts and sports writers project the Giants to either select an OT or a TE in the 1st round. Like many sports fans and sports writer who follow/cover the NFL draft, I have spent countless hours reading, reviewing and breaking down films of many prospects, especially the ones that are projected to go to the Giants in the 1st round.

Based on hundreds of mock drafts, football expert’s predictions and sports analysis forecasts, the main prospects are OT Cam Robinson, Ryan Ramczyk and Garrett Bolles; with the TE’s being O.J Howard and David Njoku. Like everyone else, I have my own assessment on these prospects and have concluded the following:

  • Cam Robinson (OT): My concerns with Robinson is he really as talented as projected or is he a product of playing at a school (Alabama) surrounded by exceptional offensive weapons. I have always had my doubts regarding prospects from Alabama as many have not successfully moved on to the NFL. Regardless; Robinson could likely be drafted before the Giants select.
  • Ryan Ramczyk (OT): Minor concerns regarding his hip surgery as Ramczyk wasn’t able to show any of his athletic ability at the combine. On tape, Ramczyk displays quick feet and never seems to be out of position. If he is given a full clear bill of health with his hip, he would be my top OT. Unfortunately; Ramczyk could be selected before the Giants pick at #23.
  • Garrett Bolles(OT): Like his mean streak and believe he will be most likely be taken before the Giants select. What holds me back with Bolles is his age (25) and some off the field issues with him (mental health/marijuana) and his family surroundings.
  • O.J Howard (TE): Another Alabama player that could have benefited more from the talent around him rather than his actual talent. Watching him on film, I see a good athlete, but not an exceptional one that makes me believe that he is much better than most of the TE’s projected go within the 1st three rounds of the draft. With this being said, I believe Howard will still be drafted before the Giants select.
  • David Njoku (TE): Another TE that has been getting a lot of attention and when you watch him on film, it’s apparent why. Njoku is freakish as an offensive weapon at the TE position, however; he is very much one-dimensional and has problems blocking. Despite this flaw, Njoku could likely be gone before the Giants select.

So where am I going with this and what does it all mean? If these are the 5 prospects the Giants are high on & are all gone before the Giants selection.  Would it make any sense for GM Jerry Reese to consider trading out of the 1st round to secure additional picks?

Now in order for this scenario to be possible, all the projected prospects would need to drafted ahead of the Giants and the Giants would need to find another team willing to trade with them.

Looking at the 2nd round, it would make a lot of sense for the Cleveland Browns who have a total of 11 picks to entertain this option. The Giants could offer their 1st round pick (#23) to Cleveland for their two 2nd round picks (#33/#52) and their 4th round selection (#108). This would give Cleveland (who are desperate for impact talent) three 1st round picks (#1/#12/#23) from the Giants who will receive three picks (2nd round -#33/#52 ) & a 4th round pick (108).

The Giants (total of 9 picks) having three picks in the 2nd round would give them the opportunity to get any combination of prospects at positions of need (OT/TE/RB/DE/DT/QB/LB/CB).  The OT position is the most glaring need and is not as deep as in years past as the separation in talent level through rounds 1 to 3 is very minimal.

Having 9 picks would provide Reese with flexibility to fill his roster with talent/depth that in past drafts; he often has ignored.  Whether Reese selects the BPA or a need pick isn’t important as long as he selects talent.

Final Thoughts:  This scenario is not what I think the Giants should do or will do; it’s just an option of what they could do if the opportunity presents itself.  GM Jerry Reese has never traded into or out of the 1st round and the odds of him doing so is slim to none; as that’s not his style. However; it’s not as crazy as one might think and in the right setting, trading back for additional picks could benefit the Giants tremendously.  Next Article: My Mock Draft