New York Giants: Projecting the Practice Squad

By Michael Stewart

Now that the Giants have completed their final cuts to get the roster to 53 players; GM Jerry Reese will look to see who to add (from any roster) to the practice squad. All players cut who don’t make the 53 man roster must clear waivers before being added to any roster. Before I get to who those players could be, let’s look at the guidelines to be eligible:


The standard eligibility for a player to be added to the practice squad is he is a free agent and has not accrued two years of NFL service. A player can only be on a practice squad for three seasons total in his career (six weeks on a practice squad in a seasons counts as a season for these purposes).  The league does allow for exceptions to the less than two-year rule, which was expanded with the 10-player expansion agreement this year.

Teams may keep up to four players on their practice squad who have accrued two seasons of NFL experience, which allows a fringe player the chance to stay with the team, even if he already has been in the league, while also allowing the teams to keep more veteran players. Accrued seasons are earned by being on the active (53-man) roster for a team for six games in a single regular season

Players (The players below are listed if they should clear waivers)

WR-Travis Rudolph: How could you not have been rooting for Rudolph this pre-season. Rudolph had a good numbers (9 catches for 157 yards (17.4 yards per catch) and also was versatile in punt and kickoff returns.

RB-Khalid Abdullah: The Giants liked what they saw in Abdullah, however; the odds were extremely against the former James Madison star to make the team. Giants hope he passes through waivers to place him onto the practice squad in case injuries and/or lack of performance becomes a major issue.

OT-Jarron Jones: The former DT out of Notre Dame still needs to develop and hopefully he makes it through waivers and ends up on the Giants practice squad.  Giants love his size and long arms (a trait GM Jerry Reese takes very seriously). With the current uncertainty of the Giants current OT’s on the roster. Developing Jones makes a ton of sense and hopefully he can become a very productive OT in the future.

CB-Donte Deayon: I had Deayon making the 53 man roster before the Giants pulled off an unexpected trade with the Steelers for CB Ross Cockrell.

DE-Evan Schwan: Schwan is a pure edge rusher with high energy. Lacks the ability to be a 3 down DE as his run defense is not nearly as good as his pass rushing talents. Still the Giants like him enough to place him on the practice squad this season.

S-Trey Robinson: Very possible that the Giants put Robinson on the practice squad despite the talent and depth on the Giants current safeties on the roster. Giants have had a history over the past several years in the secondary and keeping Robinson around could serve as a safety net.

DE/DT-Jordan Williams: I really liked this kid and also had him making the 53 man roster, but again it’s a numbers game and unfortunately Williams drew the short straw. Williams versatility to play outside and inside should be enough for the Giants to place him on their practice squad.

OT-Adam Bisnowaty: The 6th round draftee was simply out played by undrafted OT Chad Wheeler. Giants still have enough confidence to place him on the practice squad for this season.

Final Thoughts: I only have 8 players listed as I believe the Giants will add the final 2 players outside the organization. Injuries are a given in the NFL and some of these players could be called upon to contribute in 2017. Hopefully; if the Giants can stay healthy enough most of these players will not be needed. However; if they do, they should provide enough depth and talent to weather the storm.