To say that Corey Webster had a hard time staying in front of his receiver last year is akin to asking if the Pope is catholic? Or does a bear….ah, well you get it.

I think we all know the answer.

Webster was absolutely miserable last year, as he constantly let receivers beat him up and down the field. While he has had himself a fairly reliable career, Webster’s performance in 2012 shook many fans’ confidence in him.

In fact, many fans took to calling Webster “Toast”, in honor (or in this case, dishonor) of former Giants corner back Elvis “Toast” Patterson—who let’s just say wasn’t a favorite of former Giants’ coach Bill Parcells.

Webster has a lot of ground to make up for and his presence alongside Prince Amukamara and retread Aaron Ross will go a long way in determining how the secondary—and for that matter, the defense as a whole—will perform in 2013. Webster is the de-facto leader of this secondary and his veteran experience has to account for something. Webster knows some eyes will be on him this year and he is ready to dig in and forget about the failures of last season.

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“I’m a corner back,” Webster told reporters. “I was always taught to have short-term memory as well.  You know, when I go back and have to defend, I know who was supposed to be where, and we’re all honest, me and Ross, me and Terrell, sit down and we’re very honest with each other, so it may have looked a little worse than it seemed, but it’s all good.  A year, another year to get better and ultimately to win championships.”

And with the emphasis on getting back to the playoffs, it is up to Webster to push aside the disappointments of 2012 and get back to what worked in the Super Bowl years. Deep down, Webster knows the drive is still there.

Webster is at a crossroads and this year will go a long way in cementing his legacy with Big Blue.

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 “We take it one day at a time, just as well as we take it one game at a time, so, with that being said, we’re going to go out here, get better today at practice, and continue to do that throughout the year.”


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