by: Michael Stewart | Contributor

Defensive Coordinator: Perry Fewell

The New York Giants are currently ranked  32nd (last) in the NFL under Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell.  Last season, the Giants finished the 2013 season 25th overall.  Entering into this week, the Giants will face the 49ers who are struggling as well, however; once they watch the game film between the Seahawks and the Giants; I’m pretty sure their confidence will get a big lift.

One can argue that Fewell’s style of defensive schemes and options are not suitable for today’s NFL. Others will argue that GM Jerry Reese (more on him later) has not given Fewell the player personal to implement a successful defensive team on the field.

Whichever side you are on, the bottom line is that the Giants are horrible defensively and Perry Fewell needs to be replaced.  When you give up a total of 350 yards on the ground (against the Seahawks), an average of 7.8 yards per carry, no excuse is warranted.

General Manager: Jerry Reese

A lot has been said regarding Jerry Reese job security as the Giants GM. Many praise him for his work, while others feel he is over rated as a GM. I am one who believes he is overrated  and should be replaced.

Using the last 3 drafts as a guideline, Reese has failed miserably to provide the Giants not only with solid starters, but also depth throughout the roster. If you breakdown three categories that would measure Reese success or lack of, it would be the draft, free agency and undrafted free agents. Over the last three seasons, (see Ranking each of Jerry Reese’s Draft Class)  

Reese has done a much better job signing undrafted rookies than in the draft or through free agency. I guess that could be considered a good thing, but to be a successful NFL team, restocking through the draft should be the #1 objective.  Please do not use the 2 Super Bowl victories as a form of defense for Reese. The truth was simply that the Giants got hot at the right time.

Head Coach: Tom Coughlin

I’m a big fan of Tom Coughlin, but the time has come for him to ride off into the sunset. All the great coaches in NFL history come to this crossroad (Tom Landry, Don Shula) and the Giants need a facelift.

Coughlin has a great resume as the Giants Head Coach (equally as impressive as the great Bill Parcels). However; Coughlin can only do so much with the roster that Reese has provided for him.

My gut tells me that Coughlin will be in control of his destiny as the upper management has the utmost respect for him. I wouldn’t be shocked if Coughlin remained the Head Coach of the Giants in 2015-16, but I would be surprised if the Giants fired him.

Injuries have put the Giants in a desperation mode this season (especially the secondary), however; Fewell, Reese and Coughlin may have done their best, but their best hasn’t worked. It’s time for a change and the change start in the off-season.