This is not the place New York Giants fans wanted to be the week before Christmas.  The first step in creating a dynasty is being consistent through out an entire season every year, followed by making a deep run into the playoffs year in and year out.

Lastly…the final piece in creating an NFL dynasty is to win the Superbowl back to back years.  In some cases winning 2 Lombardi Trophies in 2x in 3 years makes the grade.

So where do the Giants fall in that conversation?  The New York Giants have had a taste of “dynasty”  but fall short because of their lack of consistency…winning consistency!

This week the only thing that matters is beating the Baltimore Ravens.  The two teams mirror each other in personality:   A ton of talent, great quarterback, aging but feared defensive players and dynamic running backs(Wilson/Bradshaw & Rice).  Rice is in a different league then Bradshaw; however, in time Wilson could be share that elite group.

The recipe for beating the Baltimore Ravens starts with more than a game plan…but a philosophy.


1. Not broke…don’t fix it – teams struggle covering good tight ends.  Throw Martellus Bennett the ball until they stop it.

2. Rookie – if Bradshaw cannot go, due to injury…stick with the first round draft pick(David Wilson).  Not the journeyman(Lumpkin) running back signed 2 weeks ago.

3. Release the hounds – For the love of great defense…it’s now or never!  Stunt, blitz and throw the book at Flacco.   Tuck, JPP, Osi and Kiwi need to have their best game of the season.  Bring the corner and safety blitz back with Antrel Rolle and Will Hill.    A 4 sack day is needed.

4.  Be Creative – Stay away from Ed Reed.  Play Action – everyone in the NFL uses it except the Giants.   Roll out, hit the Hynoski in the flat.   Run a center screen or a direct snap.   Be creative…for a change.  The Giants can not depend on the deep ball and the big play all the time.

5. Special Teams – kicker Lawrence Tynes has missed 3 field goals in the last 6 attempts.  Fix it!  One was a bad snap and 2 were just on Larry!   Also, Wilson fizzled last week after a record breaking kick return week against the Saints.

Look at the tape and figure out the breakdown in blocking.  Wilson only needs one block at the 20 yard line to go the distance.If the New York Giants want this game…there is nothing stopping them but themselves.   It’s time to put their foot on someone.

Eli Manning is a far better quarterback than Joe Flacco.


– Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor of Giants

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