New York Giants: GM Jerry Reese Options at OG in the 2017 Draft

by Michael Stewart

Round 1

OG-Forrest Lamp-6’3/305 (Western Kentucky): · Prior to sustaining a high ankle sprain at the Senior Bowl, Lamp was arguably the best offensive lineman on the field. Lamp is strong at the point of attack with enormous strength to move his opponent in the running game. Lamp’s combination of strength and excellent foot work gives him advantage against edge rushers. Lamp is very athletic and would most likely make the transition from LT to OG in the NFL. Many project him to go in the 2nd round, but he could fall into the late 1st round.

Round 2

OG: Dan Feeney-6’4/310 (Indiana): Feeney is a powerful run blocker and might have been considered a late 1st rounder if not for missing time in 2016 due to injuries. However; when he did play, Feeney was Indiana’s best OL as he played mostly RT. At the NFL level, Feeney will more than likely switch to OG.

OG-Ethan Pocic-6’6/307 (LSU): Pocic has great athleticism for his size and does a quality job of sustaining his blocks and has strong technique with hand placement. While Pocic isn’t a true bull as a run blocker, he is effective at opening holes in the ground game. In pass protection, Pocic has been very reliable. He is good at hitting double teams on tackles and also is smart in his positioning. He also has the athleticism and quickness to help handle interior speed rushers. Adding some strength to his base will help him against the heavy, powerful 3-4 nose tackles who are in the NFL.

OG-Dion Dawkins-6’3/317 (Temple): Dawkins has open some eyes among the NFL scouts as they feel he has high ceiling with his strength and athleticism combination. It’s debatable if Dawkins will remain at guard or possibly transition to LT in the NFL. In my opinion, Dawkins would be better suited to play OG at the NFL level.

Round 3

OG-Taylor Moton-6’5/325 (Western Michigan): Moton played mostly play RT for the Broncos before moving to OG in 2015. Moton has the strength and the size to be a solid OG in the NFL as he is a tenacious run blocker as well as an efficient pass defender.

OG-Isaac Asiata-6’3/323 (Utah): Asiata is very similar to Are in their abilities and makeup. The Giants need an OG who can dominate at the point of attack and Asiata certainly does that in the running game.

Round 4

OG-Dorian Johnson-6’5/305 (Pittsburgh): Johnson looks every bit the part of a OG in his uniform. However; he could slip into the 4th or even 5th round based on all the scouting reports circulating. With that being said, Johnson has that potential tag labeled on him that could see a team take him in round 3.

OG: Jordan Morgan-6’4/320 (Kutztown): Got Morgan projected here based purely on what I believe he will do and not by what he has done. Playing at a small school like Kutztown, Morgan’s overall performance has been overlooked due to the competition level. However; I got a strong hunch that Morgan is going to open up some eyes in the Senior Bowl against elite players from the elite schools; which will raise his stock.

Round 5

OG-Kareem Are-6’6/334 (Florida State): What’s not to like about Are, who has shown enormous growth in his performance since transferring to Florida State from a junior college. Are has a ton of talent and is a solid run blocker at the point of attack. Are would need to improve his pass protection skills, but he has a lot of upside to his game.

OG-Danny Isidora- 6’3/311 (Miami): Isidora had a solid 2016 season and his play during the Senior Bowl improved his draft stock. Isidora needs to improve on pass protection at the next level, but is outstanding run blocker.

Round 6

OG- Greg Pyke-6’6/313 (Georgia): Like many of the prospects in this article; Pyke played LT mostly in college and should switch to OG at the pro level. Pyke is a solid run blocker, but needs to improve his pass protection to be successful at the next level.

OG-Ethan Cooper-6’3/325 (Indiana-Pa): Keep an eye on Cooper as many football experts are labeling him as a sleeper in this draft. Cooper played LT in college, but will transition to OG in the NFL and be a very dependable run blocker and pass defender.

Round 7

OG-Jessamen Dunker-6’5/305 (Tennessee State): Dunker is an intriguing prospect and if the Giants have him available in round 7, should consider drafting him. Dunker has the makeup (size, athleticism & grit) to be a steady OG in the NFL.  Dunker is another possible sleeper in this draft as many scouts projected him to be.

OG-Nico Siragusa-6’5/335 (San Diego State): Nothing special about Siragusa’s game other than getting very physical in the trenches; which he likes to do. Siragusa is a solid run blocker; but needs to improve his pass protection skills to be an effective OG in the NFL.

Final Thoughts:  Whether GM Jerry Reese addresses the Guard position via draft or in FA or maybe both, something has to give as the Giants can’t keep the current personal if they expect to improve in the running game. I would expect Reese to draft a Guard and also look at FA for a mid level guard who can give him 2 years of productivity. Many believe that the Giants could move Bobby Hart from RT to OG as he is a better run blocker. That could be the case, however; I believe Reese needs to add more talent to this position.