New York Giants: GM Jerry Reese Free Agent Options at DE


By Michael Stewart

GM Jerry Reese has to decide whether to bring Jason Pierre-Paul back with the Giants and if so will it be a contract very similar to what Oliver Vernon received last off season.

Based on the history of GM Jerry Reese, it doesn’t seem logical that he will hand out a large contract to JPP based on JPP’s recent history with injuries. So I am leaning towards Reese letting JPP test the market and use the money to fill more than one position. With that being said; I have compiled a few DE’s that could be available and would certainly cost less than JPP.

DE-William Gholston (25) 6’6/281 (Tampa Bay): Gholston has only recorded 3 sacks in 2016, however; he has been a productive DE for the Bucs defensive line since being drafted by the team in 2013 (4th round). Gholston has been a solid run defender totaling 49 total tackles last season. Another element to Gholston’s game is the fact that he has been durable and has not sustained any serious injuries thus far in his NFL career; which is something JPP can’t claim. For the record, Gholston is not JPP in terms of overall ability, especially in rushing the passer. However; he will also not cost close to what JPP is expected to make.

DE-Devin Taylor (27) 6’7/275 (Detroit): Taylor has been a steady and durable DE for the Detroit Lions only missing 3 games over the last 4 seasons. Although he is not regarded as a premier sack machine, he is slightly more productive in that department than William Gholston. Taylor is also productive against the run and would be a solid addition to the Giants DL.

DE-Mario Addison (29) 6’3/260 (Carolina): Addison has only missed 4 games over the last 4 season since being a starter for the Carolina Panthers while recording 9.5 sacks in 2016. The price tag for Addison could be a little higher than either Gholston or Taylor (due to his pass rushing ability), but greatly lower than what JPP is expected.  Addison is a bit older at 29 years old, however; that shouldn’t scare teams away and it should certainly not scare GM Jerry Reese from considering Addison as he would be a solid and productive DE for the Giants.

Final Thoughts: Currently, the Giants have Vernon as their only premier DE on the roster. Rookie DE Romeo Okwara played well for the injured JPP, but the jury is still out on him. Also, DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa will be given every opportunity to succeed in 2017, along with DE Kerry Wynn, who had an off season in 2016 as compared to 2015; but I believe the Giants will bring him back. That being said,  I’m leaning towards Reese signing a DE would could fit into the Giants rotational DL system and then draft a potential DE for the future. This year’s DE free agent class has talent, but many will be too expensive for Reese and the Giants, so looking towards the draft to find the next DE star will be the way for Reese and the Giants to go; while signing a mid-tier DE in free agency to fill a need now.