By Michael Stewart

The New York Giants didn’t waste any time in their search for the next GM. It was made official that Dave Gettleman will be the next GM for the New York Giants. Gettleman has a history with the Giants dating back to 1998 when GM George Young hired him to be a part of the management team. Since his announcement, there has been much written about the Giants decision to hire Gettleman and surprisingly most are negative.  I admit that it isn’t a glamorous selection, but I believe it was the right decision. Since 1979, the New York Giants have only had four General Managers (George Young, Ernie Accorsi, Jerry Reese and now Dave Gettleman). Many will say that Gettleman is too old and the game has passed him by and the Giants should have selected a younger GM. My response to those so called experts is know the facts:  

  • Knows the Giants organization very well.
  • Knows the ownership very well
  • Was instrumental in personnel moves during their Super Bowl years.
  • Great evaluator of talent.
  • Was instrumental in building a Super Bowl contender in Carolina.
  • 2015 recipient of “the Sporting News NFL Executive of the Year”

These are just a sample of the Gettleman’s achievements during his career; which has expanded over 3 decades in the NFL. The two biggest influences in Gettleman’s career was Bill Polian and Ernie Accorsi who later stated that “Polian taught me organization, the importance of being thorough and methodical about how you operate and Accorsi taught me risk and how to go with your gut and not be afraid”.

For those who say that Gettleman is too old at 67 years old, these are the same so called experts that would welcome a 71 year old former Giants Head Coach, if he was available and not employed in Jacksonville. Were there other GM’s equally qualified available? Absolutely, but none had the history with the Giants organization like Gettleman. Ernie Accorsi once said of Gettleman “this is a man who knows every player in the league, regardless if they are stars or practice squad players; the man knows football”.

For me, one of the best qualities I like about Gettleman is his scouting and philosophy on building a winning team and that’s building from the inside out. Meaning that strengthening the offensive and defensive line with talent is an ingredient to a winning formula. Gettleman will now be a part of hiring the nest Giants Head Coach and already there has been speculation of who that could be.  Gettleman may not have been the most glamorous or the most popular choice for many experts and fans, but he is the right choice and only time will erase the negativity that has been cast over this move.