By Michael Stewart

The New York Giants continue their losing ways with a 27.24 defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants offense did manage to score 24 points (all in the 4th quarter), unfortunately; the defense surrendered 27 points. The loss now has the Giants at 0-3 and in all likelihood eliminated from the playoffs. There were many reasons why the Giants lost this game; here are some that really stood out for me.

Top reasons why the Giants lost

  1. Lack of a running attack: The Giants ran for only 49 yards as opposed to surrendering 193 to the Eagles. The lack of a running game is the root of many other problems that the Giants keep finding themselves having in each game. It’s a domino effect that will not get better based on the 1st three games.
  2. Time of possession: The Giants offensively had the ball more than 15 minutes less than the Eagles offense (that’s an entire quarter) and that my friends usually results in losses. The Giants have not won the time of possession battle thus far this season and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are still winless.
  3. Red Zone Efficiency: The Giants were 2/5 with a40% efficiency as opposed to the Eagles being 3/3 with a100% efficiency. The Giants were 2/3 with 66% efficiency in Goal to go as opposed to the Eagles being 2/2 with a100% efficiency.

Hero: Jake Elliott-kicker: Got to give it to the Eagles kicker Jake Elliott for his 61 yard game winner and contributing 9 points to the Eagles victory.

Goat: Giants OL: This honor goes out the Giants OL with another dismal performance. The Giants OL continuously are being out muscled game after game and look totally over matched along the line of scrimmage. They continue to commit too many penalties (holding and false starts); which indicates to me a group desperately looking to find any type of advantage they can for success.

Final Thoughts:  The Giants must find a way to forget this loss and pick up the pieces and try savaging a season that’s already a disappointment. They host the Tampa Buccaneers next week who are 1-2 and having problems of their own. HC Ben McAdoo is slowing losing this team and if they continue to lose, his job security will be in question.