Dear Tom,

Thank you Tom for fixing Tiki Barber and his fumbling problems, befriending Michael Strahan, dealing with Plaxico and his antics.  Thank you for the “On Time” meetings that were late and the frost bite.

Thank you Tom for believing in Eli, the workman like attitude and keeping Odell Beckham grounded.   Thank you for the Jay Fund and two kick-ass Super Bowl trophies against those cheating bastards, the New England Patriots.

It’s hard to let go, but it’s time.   While this might be all you know and what makes you happy Tom, football has become a young man world and you would be better served in the front office delivering insight and policy.

The New York Giants need a fresh coat a paint and while no one likes starting over, the mediocrity has become glaring.  Even the Super Bowl years the Giants were not dominating anything…they made plays.  At this time…the Giants are not even making plays. 

The fan base keeps asking why you don’t step in and make change, have a voice!

  • Rotating 4 running backs makes zero sense, no one gets hot, or in a grove.  You don’t see this? 
  • Shane Vereen is a special player.  He basically won the SB for the Pats.   He is being under used.  You don’t see this?
  • Rueben Randle is hurting this team.  Who is he better than on the roster? But he still plays and everyone still hopes?   You don’t see this?
  • Your Quarterback 11 years later still has 1 delay of game penalty almost every week?   You don’t see this?
  • Your defense has no identity or leader.  You once made a leadership council to instill leadership.  You don’t see a lost group with no voice?
  • Your GM is delivering players to you that do not make an impact.  The Carolina Panthers have the best Tight End in football and the best middle Linebacker. They are undefeated!  You don’t see this as an area you have been without for your tenure?

Some say “going for it” on 4th down showed promise and guts to spark the team.   While I commend you Tom, it was the wrong time and the wrong place.  Your team needed the win and you took the best chance away for that to happen.  

Yes, if Randle finishes the route you might get a catch, a first down, an interference call or maybe a touchdown.  Instead, your team gave up an interception and a return to the 12 yard line.  When your team needed 1 foot for a first down, your offense threw down field to Rueben Randle.  Why?

Since 2012 the New York Giants are 2 and 9 in 3 point games.  Take the points and kick the ball.