The New York Giants and the top brass of this franchise have a big job to do and that is to fix the quarterback and this broken offense. 

Moving on from Kevin Gilbride or allowing the man to retire at this time has a huge upside. Regardless of what you believe happened behind closed doors this move allow Eli Manning to rebound and flourish during the second half of his career and while he is healthy.  It also allows Tom Coughlin to right the ship that he built and shows the fan base he is not opposed to change.  

The Giants Offense could benefit by hiring the Grandson of Vince Lombardi for the Offensive Coordinator.  Joe Lombardi is the New Orleans Saints Quarterbacks coach.

Despite being the grandson of the legendary coach this guy knows what it takes to be a winner, especially since he is directly associated with the success of the dynamic duo of Saints head coach Sean Payton and all world quarterback Drew Brees.  Yes, Joe may have coaching in his DNA and the Super Bowl Trophy named after his grandfather, but this Lombardi has quietly made his own mark.

Having attended the Air Force Academy, Lombardi knows his own brand of discipline and preparation.  After graduating from the academy in 1994 and serving his two years Lombardi went on to coach at Mercyhurst CollegeBucknell University, the Virginia Military Institute, and the University of Dayton.

Lombardi broke into the NFL with Falcons in 2006.  Brees and Payton arrived together in New Orleans that same year.  Brees had been let go by the San Diego Chargers in favor of Philip Rivers(Connection #1 draft day trade with Eli).

Payton, took his first head coaching job with Saints leaving the Dallas Cowboys and Bill Parcells(Connection #2) behind.  Parcells had hired Sean Payton away from the New York Giants(Connection #3) where he served as the Offensive Coordinator and quarterback coach for Jim Fassel.

Since 2008, Joe Lombardi has been there every day with the New Orleans Saints.  He’s been there motivating and preparing his quarterback to be the best in the game.  The success of Drew Brees speaks volumes to Lombardi’s work ethic and credibility with an all world quarterback.  

Lombardi’s has made a living on developing the game plan for each opponent, just what the Giants need. On game day, he takes a bird eye’s view from press box where he can make adjustments for his quarterback. Steven Wine from the New York Post reported about the connection between Lombardi and Brees just before the Saints Super Bowl run in 2010. 

His ability to decipher what’s happening and relay that information down is really vital for what we’re trying to accomplish,” Brees said. “Joe has stepped in and done a great job as quarterbacks coach, and I’m glad to have him.”

It just makes sense that he becomes a high rising candidate.  In the 6 years that Lombardi has been working exclusively with Brees his numbers are staggering. 

Brees: 2008 to 2013

  • 4982 yards a year(Average) = 29,892 total
  • 16 Interceptions per year (Average)
  • 47 Touchdowns per year(Average)

Manning: 2008 to 20013

  • 3993 yards per year(Average) = 23,960
  • 18 Interceptions per year(Average) 
  • 25 Touchdowns per year(Average)

The great Vince Lombardi, Joe’s grandfather was the Offensive Coordinator for the New York Giants(connection #4) from 1954 to 1958.  He was born in Brooklyn(Connection #5) and buried in Middletown New Jersey(connection #6). 

Vince Lombardi paved the way for coaches like Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin.   There are 13 coaches who have won two or more Superbowls Five of those men come from the New York Giants franchize: Lombardi, Landry, Shula, Noll, Flores, Shanahan, Johnson, Belichick, Coughlin, Walsh, Gibbs, Parcells, and Seifert(Connection #7).

The 42-year-old Joe Lombardi mostly likely will never be on the level of his grandfather; however, there is no denying his upside and pedigree.  Couple that with his work ethic and the successful system the man has been raised in, it makes sense that Joe Lombardi make the short list of candidates.

The Giants only need abit of that Drew Brees magic to rub off on No.10 to make the New York Giants competitive.

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor