Jerry Reese speaks today: Let the Charades Begin

Things are bad and we know it’s over, but I would NOT like to see Eli Manning go out with a whimper.

While Engram was clicking last night, I would have liked to see Eli throw the ball to Ellison too. Engram could have taken over the receiver routes and Ellison could have filled the Tight End roll.   Two Tight Ends out on routes…why not?

Can’t Eli see this and tell Sullivan or McAdoo?

He looks so pedestrian it becomes hard to defend.  The fumbles are getting routine and the easy take-downs are hard to watch.  Manning was 19 for 39 for 134 yards and a 65.5 QB rating.  Even when he does make a nice throw, the other shoe drops and the Tight End steps out-of-bounds.  He does deserve some “props” for a few roll-outs, avoiding the rush before the pocket collapsed, which isn’t his normal style of play.

Overall, this isn’t Eli’s fault with four starting receivers out and an offensive line that showcases a backup tackle, a backup center and a bad left tackle. The national press should be roasting General Manger Jerry Reese for this terrible, negligent job.

What about last year you ask?   OV, Snacks and Jenkins saved Jerry Reese’s butt.  His improvements for the 2017 offensive was a 33-year-old Wide Receiver that now proves to be done and Tight End that the coach refuses to put into the game plan. While the 1st round draft pick (Engram) and Eli have nice chemistry and will make more big plays throughout the season…it’s way too little…way too late.

Regardless of the average play from Eli Manning..he has nothing to work with as Rudolph, Lewis and King are special teams players at best.   Roger Lewis had one catch for 12 yards.  That is beyond terrible. 

At this point the Giants should be bringing as many players as possible to give Eli something to work with and that includes Cruz, Vincent Jackson and Eddie Royal.