Monday Morning Manning: Week 17

The New York Giants came into their final game of the season, as the visiting team vs the playoff hungry Washington Redskins and came out with a huge 19-10 win. Media and fans discussed all week how the Giants should attack this game. In the standings and in terms of the playoffs, it was a meaningless game. However to Coach Ben McAdoo, it was a game that would tell him what kind of team he would bring on the road in the playoffs. Aside from Janoris Jenkins and Odell Beckham Jr., McAdoo stuck to his word and played for the win.

This was a great test for the Giants. One the road, in a hostile atmosphere. This type of experience could not be replicated and the coach understood the importance of getting his team some momentum on the road. Eli Manning finished the last regular season game with a statline of 17 for 27, 180 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions.

Eli has not played well this year. There is no hiding that. My concern though lies with his decision making. I still believe Eli can make timely throws and still has a great deep ball as evident to the closing shot dealt by Tavarres King down the sideline. The Giants have benefitted from a great, bounce back defense. However, if the offense (Eli) puts that defense in bad position, teams are going to score points on them (Paging Mr. Rodgers in Green Bay).

The Giants will go as far as Eli’s decision making will take them. The game breakers are on this offense to score. Also, any comparisons to the 2007 or 2011 Giants are mute. Different teams, different circumstances, different players. However, Eli was on those teams and one key component was his decision making. He didn’t turn the ball over. That will be the recipe for success should the Giants make a run.

Keep an eye on: More credit to Coach Ben McAdoo for his commitment to this running game. It has struggled for a very long time. No matter what opposing defenses are doing with their safeties or shifts along the defensive line, the Giants keep going back to the running game. Hope has begun to shine through with Paul Perkins getting the load of carries and Jennings complimenting him. Shane Vereen would have been a nice piece to this group but Perkins shows the ability to put his foot in the ground and make some nice cuts that free him for solid yards.

Up Next: Welcome back to the playoffs, New York Giants! The Giants will travel to Green Bay to take on the hottest team in the league next Sunday afternoon. This is the wildcard round of the playoffs. Winner moves on. Loser goes home. One and done.