NY Giants Rush: Monday Morning Manning – Week 13

By: Marco Imperati

A roller coaster season? A fairy tale ending? How about the season of heartbreak and confusion? That sounds more like it. The Giants suffered their third straight loss, this time to the New York Jets in what could be the nail in the 2015 season.

Mathematically, the Giants are not eliminated from the NFC East. They are still tied with the Washington Redskins, who will welcome the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football, and suddenly the emerging Philadelphia Eagles, who stunned the Patriots in Foxboro late Sunday.

Like every loss the Giants have had this season, much will be discussed. Quarterback Eli Manning finished with a stat line of 18 for 34, 281 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception. At times in this game, especially in the first half, Eli looked tremendous. He and Odell Beckham Jr. were taking the top off the defense and had the Jets on their heels.

This game could have and should have been put away in the first half. I commend the Giants coaching staff on religiously going back to the run game each and every game but the proof is in the pudding and the run game is non-existent this year. A controversial call on 4th down to go for it when the Giants could kick a field goal that would have been the difference, again cost the team a much-needed win.

To be quite honest, I felt the momentum that the offense was going for on that drive and my gut instinct was to also go for it. The play ended in the worst way possible with Eli throwing an interception on the goal line and the Giants came away with no points.

Writing this hours after a crushing loss, my feelings are very mixed. Surely there is disappointment and anger. However, I shake my head like Giants fans on the huge, missed opportunity this season gave us. I know about the injuries. Look around the league, every team has injuries. The division has been there all season for the taking and the Giants have beaten themselves.

So a few questions for Giants fans to ponder over the next few days and weeks. Record aside, is this a good team? Does this team deserve to be in the playoffs? Should Tom Coughlin return as head coach? Can you honestly name 5 head coaches better than him in the league?

Up next: The Giants will play in a Nationally televised Monday Night Football game vs the Dolphins in Miami. Playing a tough Dolphins team, the Giants have now left themselves little to no room for error. There is always a concern with them laying an egg on Monday night, as they have many times over the last few years.

There is always a concern because you never know what you’re going to get with this team. One area I am excited to watch is OBJ and his former college teammate and best friend, Jarvis Landry, get on the field together.

Hang in there, NYG fans. This team and fan base have been through much tougher times.