By Michael J. Basile, @MdoubleJ

Manning Not So Sharp

Eli Manning and the New York Giants won their 4th game of the season at home against the Chicago Bears.  As outlined by Michael Stewart, @golferbad the Bears defensive line against the Giants offensive line was the key matchup.

Khalil Mack has led a unit that has accumulated 34 total sacks and he could’ve wrecked the game.  Unlike last week where Spiro Kasabian, @NYSPAWTSGUY_SPI explained how Pat Shurmur was severely outcoached in the second half against the Eagles, the Giants actually reversed the script vs the Bears.  They came out cold, and Eli thankfully turned it around in the third quarter.


Despite underwhelming stats (19-35, 170 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT), Eli got the job done. Manning could’ve had one of his worst days of the year if he let the Bears pass rush affect his decision-making.  His abysmal first half was glaring, yet as a 15-year veteran was able to turn it around.  The third quarter started touchdown drives of 4 plays for 75 yards was impressive, followed up with a 13 play 60-yard drive to extend the lead.

The lone touchdown pass from Eli to Beckham was something you usually do not see from Manning.  In the face of pressure, holding the ball until the last possible moment, hitting a wide-open Beckham dragging across the end zone.   A great touch pass allowing Odell a chance to run underneath it.  The best ball Manning threw all day was a perfectly placed ball at the back of the end zone for a diving Sterling Shepard.   While it was a very difficult catch, it should’ve been a walk-off touchdown pass from Manning.   No. 87 couldn’t come up with the catch.


Manning took a bad sack knocking the Giants offense out of Field Goal range.  At that point of the game, Manning needed to play smart allowing the Giants to put more points on the board for the automatic Rosas.


Eli started badly.  It looked like a flashback to the first month of the season.  The line was getting blown by and pushed around.   Eli was late on his passes, directing four drives that were 3 and outs.  Manning was locking on his receivers for the entire 1st quarter.  His interception was a reminder of his younger years when he would lock on a receiver immediately after the snap.  Fuller easily jumped the route as Manning decided where he was going with the ball before seeing how the defender played the route.


It wasn’t pretty, but Eli leads his team to victory over a strong Bears defense for the Giants third win in four games since the bye.  In typical Eli fashion, he showed resiliency after a poor first half to win the ballgame.