By Michael J Basile, @MdoublejB

It was another positive sign for the NYG offensive, specifically the play of the QBs. While it might not be Monday Morning Manning, analyzing a Sunday game…Eli Manning looks confident against the Bears on Friday. It was business as usual.

Manning was 4-4 for 42 yards on the opening drive before taking a seat for the night.  He capped off the drive on a 3rd down crossing pattern to Bennie Fowler for a touchdown.  The first unit offensive line was impressive again as well.

Daniel Jones then came in and had some ups and downs, but threw the ball extremely well.  He completed 11 of 14 passes for 161 yards and a touchdown.  


Eli looked like he’s ready for the regular season to start; Very comfortable behind this new-look offensive line. Pass blocking is shaping up to be the best it has been in about 6 seasons. The movement up front was “athletic” to say the least.

Daniel Jones deep ball down the left sideline to Cody Latimer was a thing of beauty. The rookie continues to show he has the touch to drop the ball over the corner, under the safety. Jones shows patience beyond his years as he goes through 3 progressions on this play, as outlined by Charlie Casserly


Two fumbles for Jones, he needs to clean that up. Rookies learn the hard way, through making mistakes. The center exchange needs to be dealt with in practice. The strip-sack: A great play by the defense.


Not much ugly…Big Blue Nation has to be feeling pretty good right now regarding the QBs. It’s preseason and Khalil Mack didn’t play so while I applauded the offensive line let’s see how they progress moving forward. Avoiding injuries heading into week 1 against the Cowboys is key as well. The bottom line is as far as the QBs, they’ve looked solid thus far.