What ever happened to ground and pound? Using the run to set up the pass and all that jazz?

In two games, the Giants have run the ball a total of 33 times, ranking them second to last in the league in rushing attempts. Atlanta is the only team behind them with Cincinnati and Pittsburgh excluded because of their Monday night game.

In a league where ball control and time management are key, the Giants just don’t have it.

Eli Manning has attempted 91 passes over the first two weeks, and has thrown a league leading 7 interceptions because of it. Four of those picks came Sunday afternoon against the Broncos. He now has more turnovers than touchdowns.

The G-Men are being forced to throw on almost every down because they have either fallen behind early, or just don’t trust their running backs.

Enter David Wilson.

The second year back may have his fumbling woes, but he’s not getting enough reps to get his feet wet. The Giants are seriously stunting his growth by limiting his touches, and hurting his confidence by giving Brandon Jacobs time in the backfield.

Wilson the feature back, the starter, the guy they brought in to replace Ahmad Bradshaw, so what’s the holdup? A few turnovers in the opener and the Giants completely rethink their in-game strategy? How can one be the future if he doesn’t get any work during the present?

New York may have one of the league’s deadliest wide receiving cores, but their game has never been to out-sling opponents. Manning needs to get back to what he does best, little plays that equal big yards.

There’s no need to whip it down field when Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and Rueben Randle, are more than capable of making plays after the catch. Manning is trying too hard to make up for the lack of ground support, and is over compensating¬†with the pass. His wishful thinking of down field passes have cost the Giants possessions and points.

How many times have we seen a Hakeem Nicks slant go for 50-yards, or a Victor Cruz hook turn into a touchdown? Too many downfield passes and not enough ball control is Manning’s issue. When he tries to do too much is when we see the errant passes and head-scratching plays.

No matter how bad it may look early on, the Giants must establish a running game against the Panthers next week.  Wilson needs to gain some confidence, and the offensive line could use some more work with their blocking schemes.

Kyle McMorrow |Featured Columnist