By Michael J Basile, @MdoublejB

Wow! That’s the one word that expresses how most of Big Blue nation feels right now.

New Feature Title: Java with Jones

Daniel Jones had quite the rookie debut – He was the first rookie signal-caller since 1970 that amassed 300 passing yards, passed for 2 TDs and run for 2 as well.  He led the Giants to a 32-31 win in Tampa and moved the season from “lost cause” to “hopeful” as they are 1-2 and prepare to host the Washington Redskins next week.  

The Digits:

Jones finished 23-36 for 336 yards, the 4 total TDs, and no INTs. He did fumble twice.  The most impressive part is that he was composed and calm under duress.  He took some big hits and delivered crisp accurate passes.


Ball security was a focus during the preseason, and Jones put the ball on the ground twice.  He must learn from his mistakes.

He put one pass right into the defender’s chest and was fortunate to avoid an interception.  Don’t force the throw.

Key Drives:

On his opening drive, on 3rd and long Jones slid left to avoid pressure and converted a pass to the left sideline to an open Sterling Shepard.  The Touchdown to Shepard was another 3rd down conversion where he placed the ball only where the receiver could get it.

After the half down 28-10, Jones put a pass over the linebacker hitting Evan Engram in stride. Engrams speed took over and on the first play of the 2nd half, Engram scored on a 75 yards pass from Jones. The Giants made a statement that they weren’t going away easy.

With the sun blaring in Tampa Florida, Jones once again showed his playmaking ability when he took the offense right down the field and scored. On a fake hand-off, bootleg to the endzone Jones scored from 7 yards out flashing his athleticism.

Game tying touchdown:

A go-ahead touchdown with 1:16 left in the game: What can you say? A thing of beauty.

What a start for the rookie QB.  His demeanor and the way he answers questions in such a humble fashion remind you so much of Eli Manning, it’s actually scary.  One of the big things that Gmen fans have not seen in a long time is a QB that can make plays with his legs; Daniel Jones showed the athleticism to put a scare into opposing defenses.  

He allows Pat Shurmur to call the type of offense that he likes (See the Keenum-lead Minnesota Vikings 2 years ago) which takes advantage of rollouts and QBs moving the pocket.  One week at a time, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but again . . . Wow.