Gettleman Putting In Work

 by Spiro Kasabian @nyspawtsguy_spi

Sixty-seven-year-old Dave Gettleman has returned to the New York Giants.  He has returned just in time to make THEE most important draft decision this franchise has faced since 2004.

Over the past few months, NY Giant fans have heard every rumor.  We have made each of our own opinions known on social media and over the radio waves.  Whomever is selected with the #2 overall pick will be judged instantly and there will be heat on Gettleman to hit a Grand Slam, no matter who the pick is.

You can find a pros and cons with each prospect or situation.  Below are the most talked about prospects/situations linked to the New York Giant pick.

The Short List

Saquon Barkley

Pros: Potential to be a Top 5 running back for the next decade.  Does just about everything at an elite level.  Seems to have the highest ceiling of all players in the draft.

Cons: Deep RB class makes taking him at #2 a reach in a lot of eyes.  Especially when passing on the top Quarterbacks.

Sam Darnold

Pros: Unflappable. Won a lot at USC at a very young age.   Only just recently transitioned to Quarterback, so has plenty of room to grow mentally.  Makes plays with feet as well.  Highest QB ceiling in most eyes.

Cons: Turnover machine.  Delivery and mechanics issues that could be straightened out, but not guaranteed.

Josh Rosen

Pros: Most pro-ready Quarterback of the bunch.  Great touch, great mind for the game, and can make every throw.  Traditional Pocket-Quarterback that doesn’t put himself in harm’s way.

Cons: Outspoken.  Concussion history.  Not fleet of foot and may need the optimal situation to succeed.

Bradley Chubb

Pros: Great college production.  High motor.  Versatility.  Plays both the run and pass equally well.  Great locker room presence and leader.

Cons: Not an explosive pass rusher.  Passing on top QBs to get him.

 Trading Back

Pros: Should net a King’s Ransom of picks both this year and probably an additional First Round pick next year.  Allows the team to fill more holes with high-level talent.

Cons: More than likely means that the Giants will not be picking their Quarterback of the future.  Could miss out on all blue-chip talent depending on how far back they go.  Will not go over well with fans if they do not receive said King’s Ransom.

Put me on the list of people who DO NOT want the pressure of making this pick!