While most fans and talk show hosts prefer to belabor the sad situation in the NY Giants backfield, things are just as bad, if not worse with the middle linebacker situation. Gone are the days of Harry Carson, Pepper Johnson, Antonio Pierce.

Instead of high draft picks or top tier free agents, the Giants have constructed a roster of linebackers consisting of  un-drafted college players, low draft picks, left over free agents, and castoffs from the waiver wire.

The latest retread is Allen Bradford, a young man who played RUNNING BACK for the USC Trojans, and was converted by former coach Pete Carroll to linebacker last year.  Bradford was cut, resigned and then cut again.

Some how the Giants saw value here? So the GIANTS signed him?

Bradford replaced Dan Connor, who looked halfway decent until his second “neck burner” (somebody please help me with what this is!)  Turns out that the NFL only allows ONE player on the short-term IR, and we gave that to Andre’ Brown, who must think he’s the offensive version of Terrell Thomas or something.

So Dan Connor is gone for the season; however, even if he could return I’m not so sure he was the answer either.   That rule might need changed.

This main issue here is that Mark Herzlich remains the starting middle linebacker for the NY Professional Football Giants. Unfortunately, Herzlich rarely resembles a professional middle linebacker. I hate to be a hater, but you don’t have to be an NFL coach to see how over matched Herzlich is on the field.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for the guy- More than you can imagine! My son was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago, and Herzlich’s story is inspirational for me and my family.

He should be playing in Canada or the Arena League, not starting for my New York Giants, in the most important position on the defensive side of the ball.  He may have been great at Boston College prior to his illness, but as far as I’m concerned, the experiment is over. He can not contribute at the middle linebacker position.

His snaps diminish every week.

Let Pete Carroll sign Herzlich off waivers and turn him into a tight end. In the meantime, how long until Allen Bradford gets the ball handed off to him in the backfield?

Over/under is week 5

Andy Pritikin | Featured Columnist