The most amazing thing to happen to football over the past 10 years is Fantasy Football.  It used to be fun to “hate” a rival team or division foe.

Now, when your team plays the cross state rival or a perennial playoff team, you hope the team fails, but the player on your Fantasy team does not.

How confusing is that?

As a New York Giants fan, I could never route for Donavan McNabb do to well, yet the Philadelphia Eagles lose?

As you read this the New York Giants are about to take on the Denver Broncos.  Perhaps you’re reading this after game and you already know the outcome; however, that doesn’t change the fact that I like Peyton Manning…but I don’t want to!

I might just hate him for 4 hours especially if he puts up 6 touchdowns on Corey Webster.   The New York Giants do not have a great secondary.  When the backfield looked like Amukamara, Rolle, Stevie Brown, Webster and Terrell Thomas at the nickel, I was fairly confident that they were going to hold their own in “The Manning Bowl”.

It has been reported that Prince(concussion) and Rolle(hamstring) will play through their injuries, but Aaron Ross may get some extended time.  Having Aaron Ross see too much playing time can be an instant fire, so hope Prince and Rolle can go.

A patch work defensive backfield is a bit unsettling when facing a guy that has thrown for 443 touchdowns and is 50 yards short of 60,000 for his career.  Above all of this, Peyton Manning is coming into Metlife Stadium to win a game…period.   It could be a trial run for the Manning’s Super Bowl run this February back at Metlife. But are they really that good?

I hate the fact that Peyton had 3 neck surgeries and still can be all world.

Now, Eli Manning is no slouch.   Six turnovers in any game should have been the” kiss of death” for any other team, but not when No. 10 is your quarterback.   Eli threw for 450 yards and 3 touchdowns against Dallas in the loss to make it respectable.

Yet, there he is…Peyton being Peyton.  With every pizza, cookie and cell phone provider commercial, I find myself liking Peyton Manning more and more.  The guy is an NFL superstar and yet he still finds the time to make fun of himself.

Nicks and Cruz are far better receivers than Welker and Decker at this point in their careers, yet Peyton makes them look like superheroes.  I sure hope Perry Fewell gets a good night sleep.

Damn, I hate Peyton Manning.

Craig J. Santucci | VP/ Senior Editor of NY Giants Rush