Eli Manning is wrong.

Despite what Giants quarterback, Eli Manning said after their loss to the Cardinals, this team is no better than last years team.  Where he is correct and everyone does agree…”they did make changes”, just too many changes for one season.

Last years Giants were too old, frequently injured, and just failed to get the job done.  This years Giants are too new, unfocused, and just not talented enough to compete on a high level.

For starters, it is obvious to see General Manager Jerry Reese banked on Chris Snee coming back healthy; because the current patchwork offensive line Reese has put in front of Eli Manning is pathetic.  The run blocking is almost nonexistent ranking 27th in the league.  Running Back, Peyton Hillis has yet to step on the field for one snap.

The offensive linemen are often found standing around as rookie guard Weston Richburg did when his failed block caused an Eli Manning fumble and the loose ball rolled around at his feet unnoticed.

The passing game while improved since pre-season…still stinks.  This unit is ranked 21st in the NFL.  Rueben Randle completely disappears for most of the game.   Andy Pritkin, Featured  Columnist and I went to MetLife Stadium yesterday to cover the game.  We were very surprised what we saw.

The Giants overall lack of speed and ability to get separation is glaring.  In Reuben Randle’s case, well..he just flat-out dogged it.  He did not fire out off the line of scrimmage one play. At the snap of the ball, Randle rocked backward, loosing precious seconds before starting out into his fast jog.

Jernigan?  This offense has diminished his great season last year and made him expendable.  The special teams are simply horrible.   Demps does not look any better than Cox or Scott and his fumble could cost him his job.  Trinton Holliday, like Odell Beckham Jr. has not been seen since June…a lost season.

Injuries:  Beason(toe) changes the defense to a below average defense. Thurmond(pectoral) – the best nickel corner in the game?  So far he has looked very pedestrian.

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor