By Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

There are eight teams that need a QB in the NFL 2020 draft. Not all eight teams will be selecting a QB in the 1st round due to the fact that only 3 or 4 are 1st round prospects.

QB hungry teams:

Bengals, Dolphins, Raiders, Chargers, Jags, Panthers, Pats and Colts. Depending on who you ask…so do the Redskins.

The interesting play will be the same as always, who wants the QB and who wants them bad enough. Some teams like the Patriots will do wonders with Fromm (Georgia) or Eason (Washington) in Round 2; however, The Bengals, Chargers, and Dolphins are in play for Burrow, Herbert, and Tua.

Making moves

Over the last three years, the Seahawks, Patriots, Eagles and Kansas City have been draft movers and shakers. Why would this year be any different? The Seahawks defense is getting older, the Pats need a QB and the Eagles need a bunch of things. But in 2020, the Lions hold the key to making all New York Giants fans ecstatic.

Key to the 2020 draft: Detroit

The Detroit Lions were ranked dead last (32nd) against the pass, 21st against the run and 30th in sacks. The Lions could do no wrong with this pick; however, they need a few pieces on defense that could help the Giants out along the way.

Option #1 – The Lions trade back with Miami or LA. This would still allow Head Coach Matt Patricia to bolster his defense and receive extra picks. LA or Miami or the Panthers would like to move here. This would allow Patricia to secure K Murray, Queen or Baun to anchor his defense. Result: Giants pick Simmons and shot at Young.

Option #2 – Miami trades with Washington and picks Tau or Herbert, only to see Detriot trade with LA to watch the Chargers pick Tua or Herbert. Result: Giants can draft Young or Simmons.

Option #3 – The Browns need to protect Baker Beer Pong and trade up with The Lions to beat the Giants to Wirfs or Willis. Results: Young and Simmons are still available.

The New York Giants need a legit pass rusher…that’s it. If this is not fixed expect the same results as the last two years. With Golden not resigned, all the signs point to Simmons or Young or trading out.

What I find interesting is that even if they get to draft Simmons, his ability is a 4 down linebacker. He would only be a part-time pass rusher, which is no reason NOT to draft him, however…who is rushing the QB full time?