By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The decision on Leonard Williams is around the corner and although the consensus by many Giant fans is to resign him, there are still many who believe his one year production could be too risky to invest in a multi-year deal in excess of over $20M per. The Giants will have options (Displayed below) on Williams, but which one makes the most sense? Let’s take a look at each option and breakdown the probabilities:

  • Tag Williams Again: Gettleman could tag Williams again if the numbers don’t add up. Williams would get $19.4M in 2021 if tagged; which could affect the chances of the Giants also bringing back DL Dalvin Tomlinson. Probability>25%
  • Re-sign Him: Gettleman could opt to give Williams a multi-year deal as both sides meet somewhere in the middle. Gettleman could also be creative at the same time by back-loading the deal to keep the cap hit down in 2021. This will allow the Giants more flexibility in free agency and also possibility re-signing Tomlinson as well. Probability>50%
  • Tag & Trade: This strategy occurs more often than you think and is an option for the Giants if this is the path they wish to choose. Williams’s value is arguably the highest it has ever been after a stellar year in 2020. If both sides can’t agree to find a common ground, Gettleman might be forced into this option. Probability>25%
  • Don’t re-sign: This scenario could come into play as Williams could be looking at an unrealistic pay day in excess of $20M+ per year and GM Dave Gettleman might have a number in mind not even close to that. If so, these negotiations could get ugly and not end well. Probability>25%

This could be the most anticipated off season move by the Giants GM Dave Gettleman since his arrival in 2018. The Giants defense went from 30th ranked in 2019 to 12th overall in 2020 and was largely due to the creativeness of DC Patrick Graham utilizing Leonard Williams in designed defensive schemes to make him succeed. The results were 11.5 sacks, 50 total tackles and 41 quarterback pressures. Again, could this be a one year wonder for Williams or is he on the verge of becoming an elite force for the next several years? This is what GM Dave Gettleman must figure out as his decision on Williams could impact the Giants (good or bad) in the years to come.