BY Michael J. Basile @MDoubleJB

I love a good Joe Judge press conference. I also love how he talks about self-scouting. Every team does this when a season is completed, but there are too many coaches who have the mentality of ‘We need to fit players into our system’. Judge is clearly someone who simply wants to mold the system to get the most out of the talent he has.  He said he looks at college programs, other pro-NFL schemes, and implements whatever he thinks will give his players an advantage out on the field.

The Giants coaches have to present their findings from league studies, including a reflection and evaluation of what they did that worked and didn’t work to improve moving forward.  Judge is harder on his coaches than his players. 

Coaching staff Changes: 

New Faces in 2021:

Rob Sale, offensive line coach thorough teacher, strong relationships with players, detailed and energetic coach and Judge talked to over 25 coaches personally, the staff talked to an additional 15-20 and they landed on Rob; 

Jeremy Pruitt (head coach, Tennessee 2018-2021) defensive assistant; ‘One of the best teachers’ Judge has been around; Defensive Assistant to work with all levels of the defense; Worked w/Judge at Bama from 2009-2011

Kevin Sherrer inside linebackers coach; Worked with Pruitt at Tennessee and Georgia before that, and has experience as a DC and Special Teams Coordinator

Pat Flaherty in consultant role; Previously was long time offensive line coach, was with us for years for those 2 Super Bowls

Returning from 2020 staff, new roles:

Freddie Kitchens to be SR Offensive assistant, will help with young offensive line coach Rob but also overall offensive game planning with Jason Garrett 

Derek Dooley was SR assistant and is swapping with Kitchens, so Dooley will coach Tight Ends; Judge wants Dooley in front of players and to have a room of players to work with rather than SR assistant which is more of a game planning role

  • On Daniel Jones, specifically with recent NFL QBs becoming available:
    • They love DJ in the building . . . always have. It’s definitely encouraging for all of the criticism of DJ from the outside, since the day he’s been drafted. Here is the truth: There hasn’t been 1 whisper within the big blue franchise that is anything other than: He’s a special guy, will be here for the next 10 years.
  • Judge on DT:
    • Can’t say enough good things about him; Can’t look at stats, it’s what he creates for other players and what he is asked to do within the defense.
  • Asked about WR, Edge depth in free agency vs. the draft, and how moves in FA affect draft:
    • It’s our job as an organization to know every available free agent and player in the draft
  • On Engram:
    • I love how Judge and the organization raves about DJ . . . but hate how they LOVE Engram . . . unfortunately he works really hard and is a great teammate.