I was too angry to pump out an edition of Rant & Rave last week.  This week I am just defeated…so here goes your weekly Rant & Rave.  Enjoy!


Is Kevin Gilbride sending a message to Hakeem Nicks?   I’m not a conspiracy guy but what happened to the dynamic duo of Eli & Hakeem.  Even when the Giants lose Nicks makes a few nice catches.  It’s very noticeable.  Even the receiver screen & the slant pass to Nicks are gone?  Then Nicks shows up with two lazy one hand attempts.  Something is up!

While Randle is going to be a great receiver.  He is not Hakeem Nicks.  However, three times on Sunday the big play throw, the “hot” read seemed to have Randle’s name on it.  If Jerry Reese botches this, fans should be upset.


Victor Cruz is still working hard to get it done.  It’s not enough on a whole; however, the receiver got paid and he is showing up week in and week out on one of the worst team in the NFL.


People don’t like when I blast Brandon Myers, but it won’t stop until the guy does something.  He can not block and is mismatched on every defensive end or linebacker in the NFL.  Why Gilbride continues to attempt the “one on one” block is absurd.  

During the third quarter the Giant needed a big third down conversion.  Kildrive brings in a two tight end set and stacks them to the right side. Myers get a good initial block but he forgets he is playing for the Giants where the power running game is important.  On a soft toss to Wilson both tight-ends blow the block.  Result: no first down again.  


Jenkins, Joseph, Rodgers and Patterson continue to do a good job against the run.  Jamaal Charles is the real deal carrying the rock for the Chiefs and the big boys stuffed Charles time and time again.   Charles only had 65 yards and 3.6 yards a carry. 


Why play Da’Rel Scott?   Scott has done everything he can do to help this team and despite all those efforts he kills the Giants over and over.  If Andre Brown does not get hurt is Scott even on the team?   Today he dropped a ROUTINE hand-off and yet another screen pass.  This might be on Coughlin or Gilbride too.

Wilson was running hard and showing he wants to be the guy.  He does needs to learn to run more North and South.  Someone please let him watch film of Tiki Barber.   Patience could help Wilson tremendously as the holes develop slow, if the develop at all.


Trumaine McBride did a real nice job at corner back today.  The six-year pro out of Mississippi filled in nicely for an injured Aaron Ross who was filling in for an injured Corey Webster.   The bottom line is that Ross and Webster stink.  All the air has been sucked out of the season so why not let the kid play.


Jerry Reese refused to pay Bennet, Bradshaw, Hixon or Blackburn.  Now not signing Lawrence Tynes has reared it’s ugly head.  The Giants new kicker, Josh Brown has missed a field goal in each of the last two games.   During last weeks blow out nothing mattered, however,  this week the field goal could have tied the game and given the Giants some momentum.


Rueben Randle has been a stick figure at receiving punts…finally the receiver showed some life today, even if his best run was called back on a penalty.   Someone might want to tell Rueben not to receive the ball behind the 10 yard line…just saying.


There was some fight today but the Giants are completely mismatched at almost every position.  How did Jerry Reese evaluate the talent on this team?  From the golf course?

* Murphy, Jernigan, Baas, Scott, Herzlich, Cordel, Williams & Rivers…are not NFL starting players.

* Snee, Diehl, Webster, Ross, Myers, Boothe…are barely starting NFL players.  Whether injury, age or talent come into play.

* Paysinger, Mundy and Beatty are serviceable players but are not play makers.

* Pugh is a rookie, Hankins and Moore we have not seen play?

I hope Reese improved his golf game.

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor of NY Giants Rush