The Giants offense looked out of synch and flat on Sunday. Daniel Jones didn’t look bad, but there was something noticeably missing. For a team that currently wins games by getting Saquon Barkley involved early and often, Offensive Coordinator MIke Kafka seemed to forget his greatest weapon is #26.


Even with a handful of nice rips to Darius Slayton this was by far the most pedestrian performance of the season from Daniel Jones.

  • Passing: 17 comp | 30 Att | 176 Yards | 0 TDS | 0 Int
  • Rushing: 6 carries | 20 yards

Barkley was rarely used in the 1st quarter and it seemed to lull the offense to sleep, generating a lack luster performance. While rookie Tight End, Daniel Bellinger’s blocking and receiving was missed, the play calling was dreadful.

The Seahawks defensive line was stoudt; however, when the Giants did give Barkley the ball, he reverted to the old Saquon, dancing, bouncing and taking the hole at half speed in effort to anticipate the lack of blocking. Back-up Right Tackle, Phillips did not have a banner day and it looked like #26 didn’t trust him from the opening kick off.

For most of the season Barkley had run with a different style, hitting the hole at full speed, lowered his pad level, cutting to open space and making the 2nd level miss. That did not happen on Sunday. The lack of running game seem to drop the Giants deeper into conservative mode limping to a 27-13 loss.

Between the tackles, Jones had little time and was sacked 5x. This would have been an opportunity to adjust to a screen and roll out game. However, the Giants star running back had 3 receptions for 9 yards. This is the biggest issue with Sunday’s gameplan. Saquon is a duel threat, yet under utilized. Kafka is a rookie OC and it showed on Sunday.

Wan’Dale Robinson:

The Giants 2nd round pick is non-factor and it’s a problem. While he might be a bit rusty from being on the shelf for a month (injured)…he is currently an after thought. For a team with no star wide receivers, how does Mike Kafka not build a package of plays around the 2nd Round draft pick? If the Giants don’t want to entertain trading for a Wide Receiver…then Wan’Dale Robinson’s involvement in the offense needs to change and Jones needs the “green light” to let it rip.

Either Jones can’t see him, Kafka doesn’t trust him or he doesn’t know the play book. Haven’t we all said at 6 & 2 the Giants are playing with house money? Throw the kid the ball.


Robinson: 2 rec | 15 yards

This isn’t good enough. Two receptions. The Giants scored 13 points on a day the defense played good enough to win. Special teams turned the ball over resulting in 14 points for the Seahawks and at no time did the Giants offense kick it into high gear. Jones was flat, but this loss drops into the lap of Daboll and Kafka for curling up into a ball and letting Geno Smith beat you.