As the year unfolds certain decisions that the Giants made early in the season are now being exposed.

Today we are scratching our heads why Mike Glennon was chosen to be the backup QB to Jones. Jones has never proven to anyone that he was the next iron man, so one would think a solid Quarterback would be the best move for the franchise and the 2021 season. Or did they plan on saving a few bucks and pray? What was wrong with Colt McCoy?

Instead, the Giants bring in the very “well-traveled” Mike Glennon. The Giants are his 6th team in 8 years.

Unlike Daniel Jones, Glennon was cleared for contact and became the starter for another week. He did not perform well, to say the least. Glennon only complete 17 passes on 36 attempts. That would get you benched or cut on any other team.

While he stood “tall” for a few throws, he was inaccurate on most passes. He flat out missed on at least four and was inaccurate, making the receiver break stride or dive back for the ball another three. Even on the game-ending interception, he threw the ball 3 feet behind a crossing Sterling Shepard.

When Glennon hit Rudolph in stride for 60 yards I was hopeful that he continue with that good rhythm. That was not the case. His one interception was thrown into double coverage and the shrinking Darius Slayton didn’t seem like it mattered.

When the Giants should be running…Glennon is passing. When Glennon should be passing…Barkley is running. Against the Chargers…Barkley had some mojo and yes…nine runs in the half is just not enough.

Game Plan:

Lastly…calling a trick play, just to appease the fan base is ridiculous. The defense is not confused. You’re not going to get the defense to bite on something when Glennon is out there missing open receivers and under-throwing every ball.

Booker/Barkley had 120 yards running and 59 yards receiving. I am guessing no one is trusting Glennon to audible out, but this team needed to pound the ball with the Booker/Barkley tandem. Remember, nine rushing attempts in the half…just sorry. Always playing from behind with a quarterback who can’t accurately hit the receivers is a recipe for a season with 13 losses.