By Mike Basile @MikeyFresh04

The Giants got blown out by the Rams 38-11 and are now 1-5. There are so many changes needed with this organization.

A few weeks ago I pointed out how Jason Garett was holding DJ back I don’t have 17 hours right now to touch on everything wrong with this team, so let’s just dive into how the QB performed.

Jones by the Number

In his worst game of the year, Jones completed 29 of 51 passes for 242 yards, 0 TDs, and 3 INTs.  He ran for 4 yards and lost a fumble.  He put the ball on the ground on a few occasions and was sacked 4 times.  EASILY his worst game of the 2021 season. Highlighted by the lack of talent around him.

One good drive:

That was it! After a penalty on the opening kickoff followed by a Jones sack/fumble (recovered by the Giants), the offense marched right down the field. Jones hit Toney 3 times for 36 yards, and the Giants started with a 3-0 lead. The Red-Zone and situational struggles continue to plague this team. After those first negative plays, it was an impressive drive. Jones looked sharp as he engineered a 14 play, 73-yard drive. Unfortunately, after that, there’s not much else you can say that went well for him.


Jones had taken care of the ball this season, but in this game, he turned it over more times (4) than he has in the past 5 games combined. He needs to be smarter when playing with inferior personnel. That was the case in the 2nd straight game, as the injuries devastated Jones surrounding cast.

In the first quarter, Jones lost LT Andrew Thomas, rookie playmaker Toney, and was already without Barkley, Golladay, and Slayton. 2 of the 3 INTs were poor decisions. We won’t even blame him for the other one, as Sterling Shepard fell down on his route. However, Jones needs to understand what personnel he’s working with. He can’t afford to make mistakes when there are no playmakers around him. He never got comfortable enough to look off linebackers and safeties the way he had done in the last few games. I understand that he didn’t have the same pass protection, but he needs to at the very least avoid turning the ball over. 

What’s next? 

Jones should expect better play from the guys around him and hopefully, some of his teammates get healthy quickly. This is a make-or-break year for Jones as we’ve said over and over. The reality is that no QB can survive in the type of environment he was thrown into today. His receivers were called up from the practice squad just this week and time after time Solder and Peart simply can not block and protect him. Coming off a concussion…what real chance did Jones have? A safe target would have been Rudolph and Smith; however, it’s a lost cause because they are needed to help block.

I pointed out the turnovers, but I don’t want to go crazy here because he’s trying to make something happen. Jones is hampered by no talent and terrible coaching. Improvements for Jones…he needs to feel the pressure and know which of his lineman are vulnerable. He has to release the ball quicker, audible to quicker routes, and get Ross and Shepard more involved.

Let’s see how the offense looks next week when the Carolina Panthers come to town.