Daniel Jones is swimming up stream week in and week out. He has yet to throw over 200 yards. And while those numbers are alarming, the protection has been terrible, the drops from the receivers are mounting up and there is clearly no one open to actually throw the ball to.

Running For Your Life

Giants Offense: Monday Night

There was no offensive, again. Long gone are the likes of Toomer, Plax, Nicks, Cruz and Odell. Jones did everything he possibly could to help this team win against Dallas…and I mean everything. No. 8 was throwing, scrambling, diving, and sliding just to help move the chains. It is painfully obvious the Giants do not have a wide receiver that defensive backs fear or have to game plan for. On Monday night, outside of Jones, Barkley, Richie James & rookie Tight End Daniel Bellinger…no one showed up to play. There were drops, missed blocks and penalties resulting in a 23-16 loss.

The Digits:

Daniel Jones – 20 | 37 Attempts |196 yards | 1 INT | 79 yards rushing. Zero touchdowns. He was sacked 5 times. He escaped at least 4 or 5 additional sacks. There was a lack of protection from the very 1st whistle. While some of you may think Jones was holding the ball too long, on this day…it was about the lack of blocking and separation from the receivers and drops. The highlight of the game was the rushing of Barkley and Jones(79 yards). It was a gusty performance by Jones.

The Pressure:

24 of 37 passing attempts by Jones had pressure. The Giants are lucky Jones didn’t get hurt. You could see Jones just running out of options as he scanned the field. I am serious when I say these receivers can not get separation and with the experienced Dallas pass rush, the Giants O-Line could not compete. The pressure from Dallas was constant and many times Neal and Bredeson were beat one on one. I was very surprised Bellinger and Myarick weren’t used more often to help rookie tackle, Evan Neal who was beat play after play after play.

Lack of Talent:

There is an eye opening lack of NFL talent at the Wide Receiver for the New York Giants. GM Joe Schoen and Head Coach Brian Daboll clearly thought the group of Golladay, Toney, Shepard, Johnson, James and rookie Robinson was enough talent for the 2022 season. They were wrong on Golladay and Toney. Shepard, Johnson and Wan’Del are injured. It will be interesting to see how this new GM and Head Coach react. Jones is running for his life.

Jones and James

Daboll is playing the hot hand at wide receiver and over the first three games that is former 49er, Richie James. Richie James who had a so/so camp has surprised so far with 146 yards and 17 targets. Jones is finding James in tight situations as the slot receiver is not afraid to go over the middle. He has been the one ray of light on this squad.

Final thought:

Under the current roster of receivers, Jones has his work cut out for him. While last night was impressive, Jones can not continue to play that way week in and week out. Kafka has to find additional ways to work Barkley & Bellinger into the game plan. Two Tight End sets maybe in the future, and calling up Austin Allen maybe necessary. One can only hope the Giants did not waste a 2nd round pick on another often injured wide receiver in Robinson. I was told his size would not hold him back from being great. Jones needs “great” right about now.