Fresh off one of the biggest wins of the year, Giants fans have hope again that Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley resign in the off season.

Last nights win reminded me what an offensive can do with young, dynamic receivers. The Giants game plan was extremely conservative on Sunday night, with Offensive Coordinator Mike Kafka sticking to swing passes, outs and few seem routes in the passing game. The Giants did not test the Commanders secondary much at all. The attack may have changed early on in the game when Jones zipped two passes to Darius Slayton that were either dropped or broken up.

It’s clear that Golladay is not part of this team.

The Digits:

Jones: 21 comp | 31 attempts | 0 TD’s | 160 yards | QBR: 74.0 | 10 Rushes | 35 Yards

Jones did make a few impressive throws under pressure to Richie James and Isaiah Hodgins as Evan Neal struggled again to keep rushers out of the face of Jones.


While the end of the game was the Saquon Barkley show rushing 6 out of 7 times for 48 yards, Jones had a key first down on 2 & 7 at the Commanders 42 yardline. Jones pulled the ball down at the perfect time, excercising the RPO, giving him a clear path to the sideline and the first down marker. This run cleared the way for a 50 yard Gano field goal. Those are the type of plays needed from the quarterback that wants to showcase his value, especially since the gameplan handcuffed him.


The return of Nick Gates and Bredeson are a welcome sight. They make a difference. Feliciano and Neal are still the week link as Jones has little time throw and was constantly dodging traffic throughout the night. Neal will get better in time…this is a long season for the rookie.

Game Plan:

Still scrathing my head. Where are the wide receiver and running back screens, pitch backs, reverses, counters. For the love of God Kafka…turn the page. Jones rolled out to his left at least 4 times last night…it didnt work. There was alot of motion and switching before the snap…looked like confusion. Bellinger, rocking the clear visor had only 4 targets. He seemed to drop one, Jones threw behind him on another. Reeceivers are always covered.

I’m watching teams like Detriot, Baltimore, San Francisco, Dallas, Kansas City, Arizona, Philadelphia and Vegas use thier Tight End in space, so should the Giants. At times he is the only weapon the Giants have.

A win is still a win. #Togetherblue #NYGiantsRush