Daniel Jones continues to show he is not a “game manager” for the New York Giants. He is expected to make plays with a less talented, less dynamic set of skill players. And for the record…he delivers.

photo by Trentonian

A game manager hands off, throws check downs and throws a few out patterns to minimize turn overs. The check list for Daniel Jones to receive a new contract was the following:

  • Be more than a one read QB – CHECK
  • Cut the Interceptions down – CHECK
  • Cut the Fumbles – down – CHECK
  • Spread the Ball around to open receivers – CHECK
  • Push the ball down field – CHECK
  • Make plays with your legs & slide – CHECK
  • Wins Games – CHECK

Daniel Jones is doing everything asked of him and more. The team drafted him two franchize tackles, a potential starting Left Guard and signed a FA Right Guard. The line is better and so is Daniel Jones.

The only thing missing from Daniel Jones game on Sundays is 300 yard passing and two to three TDS. Well, with out a wide receiver that can take the top off the defense, get seperation and still manage to have four to five dynamic plays a game…he’s flying solo.

In today’s game, it’s very hard to win 6 games with a game manager. A game manager in today’s NFL has two stud wide receivers, a dynamic back or two, an all world Tight End, a line full of mashers and a great defense. See the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jalen Hurts:

Jalen Hurts is having a career year. Could he do that as the Giants QB? I doubt it.

In 2021…Hurts didn’t have the receivers, the line, the backs or the defense he has now. In 2022 he looks pretty good and sitting at 6-0. Jones & Hurts have similiar stats, except yards. Think about what Jones could do with Jalen Hurts weapons? And all those offensive weapons…and still even with Touchdowns.

  • 2021 Hurts stats: 3144 yards | 16 TDS | 9 INTS | 48.5 QBR | 26 sacks
  • 2022 Hurts Pacing: 4289 yards | 17 TDS | 6 INTs | 59.1 QBR | 42 sacks | 830 rushing | 17 rushing TDS
  • 2022 Jones Pacing: 3100 yards | 17 TDS | 5 INTs | 62.6 QBR | 47 sacks | 833 rushing | 7 rushing TDS

This squad is learning on the fly, learning together and growing as a team. For some of you, you dismiss the “team” aspect of the game. Jones is making plays, without his success, this team is not 6 &1. The future is very bright when two stud receivers, one nasty linebacker and shut down corner wear blue in 2023. For now…enjoy the ride.