In a game where I saw the Giants play ball with a different tempo, I was pleased and disappointed at the same time. Daniel Jones was slinging it. No other way to say it. He was putting the ball into a tight window with routinue success. Yet the still lose by a 61 yard field goal. Just…heartbreaking.

Jones made Hodgins, James and Slayton look like starting NFL recievers…until they didn’t. Richie James had his best game as a New York Giant, yet still dropped two passes that were vital in pursuit of another NFC win.


30 comp | 42 Attempts | 334 yards 1 TD | 92.8 QBR | 34 yards rush | 1 INT

Jones seemed to play at a different speed vs the Vikings. His passes were crisp, & on point, there was a confidence you don’t always see from him. I saw him getting animated with Richie James in the huddle regarding his route running and celebrating with Andrew Thomas after a touchdown. He wants to win, he wants to earn a new contract and he wants to be in New York. He has answered the bell every time it rings. If hre had one receiver that could manufacture YAC, he would have 4000 yards and 25 TD’s.

Rips, dunks and drops:

Jones ripped handful of throws to Hodgins and James over the middle and on the sidelines that you don’t typically see from Jones. Whether it’s the game plan or not…Jones doesn’t have many chances to chances to beat you with his arm. This past Christmas eve he seemed to take over and thread the needle on numerous throws…making a guy like James look little a starting slot receiver. Kafla also seemed to add in some quick slants that forced Patrick Peterson to wake up and make some plays. Peterson (No. 7) could be seen talking smack to Hodgins everytime he caight a ball.

  • Hodgins: 8 rec | 89 yards | 1 TD
  • James: 8 rec | 90 yards | 0 TD

We have said this one thousand times in 2022…The Giants need to draft 2 WR’s. One in the 1st round and another in the third rounds. The new bloods can compete with Slayton, Shep, Hodgins, Robinson and Colin Johnson next season. For now…Jones is checking all the boxes needed to get this team to a winning sesason.