Talking about the New York Giants and the QB position is exhausting.

Daniel Jones:

I recommend letting go of the “Jones needs to prove himself” scenario. If you were expecting to see back-to-back-to-back 350-yard passing games and 3 TD’s per outing to make your final assessment…you have greatly overestimated the opportunity Daniel Jones was extended. Those types of measurables were never going to happen.

  • Not with this offensive line
  • Not with this conservative HC
  • Not with this bland scheme

Like it or not, Daniel Jones can play QB in this league. You keep asking for him to be great, yet everything and I mean everything around him is inadequate. Even the good things are broken: Toney, Golladay, Sterling Shepard, Nick Gates

Jones doesn’t even have enough opportunity to make up for the mistakes he makes. When a good and trusted QB makes a mistake, (fumble, INT) most head coaches go right back at it…delivering confidence to the Quarterback. Sadly, I do not think Coach Judge knows how to do that. The final drive during the Eagles game is a perfect example. Let your QB throw a 10-yard pass to ice the game…didn’t happen.

Remember he started his tenure not even naming Jones as the starting QB through training camp.

Jones was never going to be Allen, Mahomes, or Rodgers, but he can be more than he is.

Jones could be:

Ryan Tannehill – Tannaheill never stood a chance in Miami. The franchise was in disarray. But in Tennessee with a stable team, a good players coach, a good Oline, and a running game, Ryan Tannehill succeeds. Jones is twice the athlete as Tannehill.

* Jones needs an innovative QB coach or passing coordinator that believes in him

Kirk Cousins – No one on the national stage talks about Kirk Cousins. Cousins’ No.1 trait is the confidence he has in himself. He’s a good QB that isn’t afraid, he bets on himself every week. He has FIVE 4000 yard seasons. Jones has just as much talent, but he’s afraid of his own shadow.

* Someone needs to breathe life into him and let him play

Mac Jones – the rookie is winning games under Belichick. He is not asked to do a lot, because Josh McDaniels knows how to get the most out of him and knows how to scheme. Jones is a better QB in every aspect of the game but operates with extremely limited resources. Even if Jones comes back healthy…

* Freddie Kitchens is NOT the answer

Dereck Carr – Jones is a better athlete than Carr. Carr is a better Quarterback. Carr has football players around him trying to win. The veteran makes a lot happen in Silver n’ Black, yet he gets little credit especially in a year with multi tragedies looming over the team.

* Jones could easily deliver what Carr does if he has players that like football first

Carson Wentz above all the Quarterbacks in the league reminds me of Daniel Jones. Wentz was the Eagles’ savior. He was big, strong, and mobile. He was a major playmaker, MVP candidate, but on a bad team…Wentz just got abused and broken, year after year. Most sacked QB in the league in 2020.

Those competitive Eagles teams were fueled by Offensive Coordinator, Frank Reich. The former Buffalo QB knows his offense and knows Carson Wentz. Wentz is a top 15 quarterback with 23 Touchdowns and only 6 interceptions under Reich.

* Find Jones an advocate.

Fixing Daniel Jones and the Giants offense

  1. Hire – Mike Kafka (KC) – Brian Daboll (Bills) If fired
  2. Draft Linderbaum
  3. Draft Neal
  4. Sign Mike Glowinski – FA Indianapolis Colts. He blocks for the top back in the NFL.
  5. Lemiuex, Peart, Price, Gates, Skura – compete for Right Guard
  6. Draft a Tight End in the 3rd Round – Kolar, McBride, LaPorta. Don’t make this hard.
  7. Fromm, Chad Henne – compete for a job.

Stop settling for picks and average players. This team needs playmakers, not guys filling roster spots. And why does Golladay not have this connection with Jones (apply KG excuses here). Jones needs that Allen/Diggs relationship with a receiver.

Game Changers only – Apply Here.